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5 incredible concept designs of future cities that seem ouof thiworld

5 incredible concept designs of future cities that seem out of this world

Shimizus Ocean Spiral would be a modern-day Atlantis. The underwater city would house hotels, residential spaces and commercial complexes. (SHIMIZU CORPORATION/AFP)

Close your eyes and imagine living life under a dome while you stroll through Central Park with perfect weather and no pollution, or imagine floating 30 miles above Venus surface in a blimp city covered in clouds. Better yet, submerge yourself in a city akin to Atlantis where you can run inside a crystal-clear globe that faces the deep sea and its residing marine life.

All these scenarios may seem surreal and impossible, but concept designs of such places have already been proposed, backed up and some were even set into motion. A number have failed, while others are still being developed.

Here are five concepts that have been proposed in the past that seemed too good to be true:

Ocean Spiral Atlantis may be a myth, but a Japanese firm called Shimizu Corporation is trying to develop the next best thing to the lost city.Ocean Spiralwould be the worlds first underwater city. Shimizu said the $26 billion project would house 5,000 residents in a 500-meter deep crystal sphere city. The city would be entirely sustainable with its own fisheries, fresh water and energy reserves. Shimizu recently proposed the idea and is trying to find ways to gather money and build the concrete sphere under the sea.

HAVOC Humanity still hasnt gone to Mars, but NASA is already planning to live in Venus. NASAsHigh Altitude Operational Conceptpresents the idea of sending two astronauts in a month-long mission to Venus. The astronauts would navigate around Venus atmosphere in a blimp while they research expanding humanitys future is space. NASA said that eventually a stationary base with a permanent human presence could stay up floating around Venus cloud city. Venus is not the first planet that presents the idea of human settlement in space. Other proposals for life on Mars and the Moon have also been presented in the past.

TRY 2004 Pyramid City Shimizu is not a first timer at proposing wild concepts of cities. In 2010 Shimizu proposed building a pyramid city that would house 100-foot skyscrapers and a population of up to a million people. Unlike the underwater city of Ocean Spiral,TRY 2004didnt seem as viable and didnt receive much support. Designers at Shimizu wanted the skyscrapers to be suspended from giant tubes within the pyramid. They also wanted the tubes to contain power and utility supplies. On top of all that, the tubes would also have a transportation system that would help residents get to their offices, schools and homes.

The Shimizu TRY 2004 Mega-City Pyramid is a proposed Shimizu Corporation project for the construction of a massive pyramid over Tokyo Bay in Japan. The structure would be more than 14 times as high as the Great Pyramid of Giza and would house one million people. (Shimizu Corporation)

World Islands A lot of people dream of traveling the world and conquering itin a philosophical way. Nakheel Properties in Dubai found a way for wealthy people to do just that. Nakheel created a visionary project namedThe World, which is a collection of 300 private islands that are shaped into continents. If you were to see the islands from a few miles up in the sky youd see a map of the world. The islands are located off the shore of Jumeirah. The project was killedin 2003, but several celebrities and private investors bought some islands to show support. Years later, Nakheel may be able to finish construction of the islands and sell them between $7 million and $1.8 billion.

A model of the Geodesic Dome House, designed by American inventor Buckminster Fuller, on display at the New York Museum of Modern Art, New York City, September 1952. (Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Manhattan Dome You mightve thought that idea of living under a dome only existed in a CBS drama, but in 1960 it was actually proposed to set up a giant dome over Manhattan. EngineerBuckminster Fullerand architect Shoji Sadao proposed the idea of installing a giant dome over Manhattan that would reduce pollution and regulate weather. The dome was expected to cover all areas between the East River and the Hudson River. Fuller believed the dome would reduce heating and cooling costs during the different seasons and that the cost of snow removal would pay for the dome in 10 years. Plans to construct the dome were never set in motion because it was simply ahead of its time.