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Big Span Structures is the leading provider of air supported structures for the enclosure of commercial, industrial and recreational facilities. For over 25 years, our one-of-a-kind team has proudly designed, architected and engineered air domes into sports arenas, amphitheaters, waste management facilities, exhibition domes, storage buildings, mobile and utility structures, aircraft hangers, space frame systems, custom canopies and industrial process enclosures.

Equipped with the latest technologies, our experienced contractors combine innovative custom design with state-of-the art engineering to build coverall buildings that are cost-effective, long lasting and easy to maintain.

All of our air supported fabric structures use only the highest quality structural grade fabric claddings, galvanized steel trusses, and always meet or exceed industry standards, including ASI, NFPA 701, UBC, BOCA and other building codes around the world.

Since we handle all of the design, architecture, engineering, project management, fabrication and implementation within our own facilities, we are able to take on the most extraordinary projects, from temporary tented coverings to the largest air supported design structure in the world, stretching across a landfill of more than 6.5 acres to enclosing the construction of an entire petroleum refinery.

So if you are looking for a unique and smart alternative for your building and construction needs, please consider an air supported structure from Big Span Structures and contact us today.

The first clear-span air supported structure for a multi-sport application was installed at Harvard University in 1968. Due to its size, a basic stress relief strap system was incorporated increasing fabric and membrane strength. The polyester straps were replaced with steel air craft structural cables. The configuration of the straps were re-design into various degree bias grid patterns, providing total encapsulation of the fabric membrane, eliminating the potential for tear propagation and increasing load-bearing capacity. With this and many other design modifications, the groundwork was set for our air supported structures to withstands wind loads of more than 150 MPH and snow loads in excess of 50 pounds per square foot.

Features and Benefits of a Big Span Air Structure:

Proven performance of more than 28 years.

Structural design for winds up to 150 MPH and live loads up to 50 pounds per square foot.

Easy Installation and relocation to another location.

Fabrics used are fire retardant, translucent or opaque, mildew and fungus proof and UV resistant.

Provides immediate permanent or temporary shelter.

Costs one-third less than traditional building such as brick and mortar, steel and glass.

Meet and exceeds standard building codes such as AISC, BOCA, ICBO, IBC, CSA and NFPA 701.

Air structures have been utilized for expansion of existing businesses, to accommodate large traveling pavilions for major marketing programs, for exposition centers to accommodate additional exhibitors or entire trade shows, as emergency replacement of damage or destroyed facilities, and many other supplemental building uses.

Big Span Structures can develop the right solution for your unique construction needs such as:

Large clear span climate-controlled sites.

Traveling temporary and permanent pavilions.

Auto dealership lot / inventory protection, showrooms.

Whether is pouring a concrete foundation for a residential home (10,000 square feet) or a mayor construction project for the Mining, oil and gas or other industry (500,000 square feet or more), all of these projects could be interrupted or shut down completely due to winter weather conditions or summer rains.

Air supported structures have been the product of choice by every major construction and project management company worldwide. The savings in construction time and increased efficiency of the labor force working in ideal indoor conditions, more than justifies the investment in a Big Span construction dome.

Big Span Structures can develop the right solution for your unique construction needs such as:

Large clear span climate-controlled sites.

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