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Live Nightly 1am – 5am EST / 10pm – 2am PST

In tandem with his4/22/14appearance, Richard C. Hoagland shares two images and captions.

This dramatic comparison is between a Change-3 lunar image (left), officially posted on the Chinese Army government website, and an equalized version of the same Chinese lunar image (right). The glittering, vertical glass curtains blatantly visible in the equalized-image version, are stunning proof now of the reality behind the Enterprise Missions decades-old ancient lunar dome hypothesis.Click on image to enlarge.Linkto Chinese website image.

Equalized version of another official Change-3 lunar surface image, revealing another set of the Moons startling glittering glass towers standing only a few miles northeast of the the Change-3 landing site. Careful examination of the image will reveal an amazingly coherent geometry to these ancient, heavily meteor-eroded glass structures … including, the surface placement of the still-glowing colored blue and red panels appearing at these structures base and to the extreme right — apparently energized colored panels embedded in the ancient glass.Click on image to enlarge.Linkto additional images; viewpaperat Enterprise Mission.

These are just a few of the many ancient artifacts that the NASA Curiosity unmanned rover has imaged in Gale Crater, over the last year and a half since it landed on Mars. Assembled by Enterprise Mission Associate, Peter Vorias, the range of geometries, symmetries and obvious pieces of manufactured junk seen eroding out of the rocks is staggering … mute testimony to the catastrophic destruction of an entire, ancient Martian civilization.Click on image to enlarge.AdvertisementLast NightMay21Alternative Health/ Montezumas Lost Treasure

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