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The act of satisfying your penchant for the outdoors without sacrificing the creature comforts of home, like air-conditioning, a comfortable bed, and a luxury loo.

Make sure to explore every corner of our 3D Virtual Tour by clicking on the blue dots to learn more about our amenities. Dont miss out on exclusive DomeCity discounts and pricing on our partners exciting products.

We couldnt have said it better. In addition to lodging, DomeCity provides artist green rooms and party suites for VIPs and celebrities. Let us upgrade your event hospitality.

5-Star amenities in a space larger than a standard hotel room

No pop-up hotel comes close to the size and quality of our domes.

We make it simple, easy, and comfortable to stay on-site at festivals and events.

DomeCity offers a truly luxurious, 5-star quality hotel experience. Well take care of your accommodations so you can focus on enjoying your event.

Our spaces are outfitted with over $30K worth of exclusive products, including furniture custom built with sustainably harvested wood, Intellibed mattresses, and premium Lovesac products. Every guest will leave with a complimentary swag package.

Our domes are as large as a standard hotel room, climate controlled, and secure. With us, you can stay comfortable and safe without ever leaving the event.

Hands down the most comfortable mattress I have ever slept on, I wish I had one at home! And the sheets, holy shit the sheets!

The furniture was gorgeous, everything was incredible, the bed, the bar, the couch, the Soundwall. Damnnnnn! Take me back!

We want to make this a staple of our brand.

This is a bands wet dream at a festival.

That dome is BADASS! Thanks for letting us share in the space.

I passed out for like 6 hours in that damn Lovesac… Where do I get one?!

Ive done glamping before at festivals, and finally someone has something that is worth the price you pay.

I could live in one of these! Seriously though, can I get one for my backyard?

Theres so much room for activities!

This is more comfortable and as good as youd be at any hotel…The bed is more comfortable than the one we have at home.

Check out our upcoming events. 2 Chainz dog Trappy thinks you should too.