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Good Karma Domes construction and techniques will withstand winds in excess of 160 mph.Proven examples. Good Karma Domes have withstood direct tornado force winds from Hurricane Charley in Punta Gorda, Fla. 2004 winds 149 mph. Hurricane Rita, Opelousas, La. recorded winds 177mph 2005 Numerous Tornadoes. Good Karma Domes has one dome North of the Mt. Washington, New Hampshire where the strongest winds in North America Continent consistently reach above 100 mph during the winter at an elevation of more than 4,000 ft.

Built to exceed the most rigid building codes found anywhere in the world. No Brag just Fact! James Lynch

TheGood Karma Domesextensive is designed to answer your questions about dome home construction and reflect our 38 years of dome building expertise. We are happy to answer questions. We offer a great dome; erecting, dome roofing (elastomeric and shingle), and the installation of dome ledger boards, dome extensions, dome cupolas, and dome windows. We offer to pre-cut sheetrock or paneling on site. We are available to submitExpert Geodesic Dome Testimonyand analysis for legal cases, insurance claims, and structural engineers upon review of data. Good Karma Domes does repair on all geodesic domes. The engineers, architects, and conventional home builders that live in our domes are testimony to our methods and quality! If you cant find the answer here, email or call us.

Domes, geodesic domes or concrete domes, hub and strut systems versus panel domes, what is frequency? How do these factors effect ease of dome home construction, quality and affordability. Where do you find the answers? Right here!

Horeb Baptist Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. 93ft diameter. 6 frequency

Northern Oklahoma College Planetarium in Enid Oklahoma. 50ft dia. Elastomeric roofing

Chris , Dee & Faith Caves FreeDome Sedona Arizona

Holtz Dome. Winner of the Victor International Architectural Design Award.Drawings, courtesyLineSync Architecture.

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