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Grinders Island Columbus To Get New GlasDome Over City

In a surprise vote while Nancy Osterhaus was attending an event in Washington the Columbus City Council agreed to follow the advice of a surprise referendum and voted 6-0 to begin work on the erection of a new glass dome over Columbus.

It has come to this reporters attention that the TCIP, the organization responsible for ousting the forward looking current Mayor, made over 4800 phone calls to community residents directing them to vote Pro-erection. And they got one.

While the current Mayor was gone the new unelected but acting Mayor took charge and explained why a Glass Dome was needed for Columbus.

It all comes down to bringing business into the community. You see, with a Glass Dome we will not have that nasty water hitting our streets, no water equals no pot holes. People can walk to the strip malls in comfort under our mammoth erection.

Another benefit for having no water hit our streets is it will kill all of those dang trees that create leaves . No more leaf pick up problem. I am killing two birds with only one stone. (There was no comment when asked about throwing stones in glass buildings).

Once the Glass Dome is in place we will be able to blow up all those dang old buildings in the downtown area and create a more open environment with parking, cement benches and a shrub (donated by the Main Street Organization). We will have buss available to carry residents to the outskirts of the town where the new strip malls will be located.

Of courseTCIP has picked upon this and posted their thoughts about the situation and the reluctance of the current Mayor to sign off on this.

More on these events when they happen.


TOMORROW Night-Tropical Cyclone warning for Columbus.

Tomorrow night watch for sustained winds of 30-40 with gusts 60+. This will be a Tropical Cyclone style event so if you have chairs or whatever outside better bring them in.

This weekend we had 2.20 inches of precipitation and 3.4 inches of snow.


Ive been trying to figure out what to do about a review of his home brew. I normally would not post it on a blog but . . . . . . we had tears in our eyes laughing. Doug? We were not laughing at you – really dude, if you would have been there you would have tears also.

With that said as a home brewer I want to know the truth. In this case truth even if the beer SUCKS is helpful. I had a friend give be two home brews and I tried them and they were 100% garbage. Undrinkable. What do you do????? Hey guy – your beers really sucked!

I consulted homebrew forums and they all said – you gotta tell him. So I figure out what I felt happened and in a politically correct way said – dude your beers sucked.

He came right back at me and said – MAN – I THOUGHT THEY DID ALSO!

So back to Doug – your beer did NOT suck. Rather tasty actually. In fact the flavor was almost dead on Sierra Nevada Pale Ale – Great job and we loved it.

One small tiny problem. And the reason my buddy and I had tears in our eyes.

Photo was taken 5 minutes after pouring

So being a brewer myself (if you did not know), I have come across this from time to time. They are called foamers! Three things can cause a foamer and Im surprised that since you brewed this in a brew your own place you had any of these. Not your fault I have to think.

1. an infection in the bottle, whereby the wild yeast or bacteria eat the dextrins that the saccharomyces could not, and thus produces excess co2. Youll probably would also notice a funky, off-flavor from this, along with astringency. I did not taste anything bad so I dontthink it was the cause.

2. You screwed up the priming amounts of corn sugar. It was just overcarbed. Not sure of the recipe but again, I cant see them giving you the wrong amount of corn sugar (should have been about 4.5 ozs)

3. Probably most common cause is that the yeast stalled during primary fermentation, and left fermentable sugars. Once transferred to the bottle, they get roused and start back up, and so you have the co2 from the priming sugar in addition to the co2 from the leftover fermentable dextrins…leading to an excess of co2, and thus, a foamer.

I would be interested if any other bottles had this. I have had a few and they tasted fine, just induced laughter when opened. In fact I believe Left Hand Louie had one Friday night with an Amirallo Slim. My count is 5 now, not bad out of 990 bottles.

OH – one last thing – I believe I can get a good number of Picture Cars to attend the Fourth of July Parade and July 11th Celebration.

AND ONE MORE THING – I just got back from Starbucks and this economy is pissing me off. It seems companies think the best way to get you to come back is to have everybody be your best friend. So now everyone at Starbucks knows my name and they say it 5 times to make sure I know they are now my very best friend.

Rod wants a double shot vanilla latte half fat free Ostrich Milk at 158 degrees.

Rod get back here or were calling the copsRod.

And the people at Potbellies (best sub EVER) are REALLY interested to know what Im doing today because they are fascinated with my life AND are equally fascinated with the guy next to me so she isnotflirting as I had originally thought.

And the waitress is sitting right next to me taking my order because she feels the need to be my best friend and be so close to me. If she was my friend she would give me my food for free. Guess not!

I dont want to be friends unless it is natural. I dont mind strangers saying hi Rod but I really hate service people wanting to get into my life like instant coffee . Because as you all know – Im a very private person.

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CDAs Business Recognition Award- 2009 (but not 2010)

Elected City Council 2014 and AGAIN in 2016 (they thought I was someone else)