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Hemispherical Domes have been called the kings of all roofs, and they now cover some of the worlds most important buildings. Domes are curved structures that have no angles or corners and enclose an enormous amount of space without using any supporting columns.

Domes are weather-resistant, not watertight. For watertight applications, an underlying roof must be included in the design.

The possibilities for design and creativity are endless with this type of roof. Whether it is to be used on a private home or commercial building, it becomes a focal point of the structure.

Our hemispherical dome roofs are lightweight, yet self-supporting due to the design. With no interior support, they can actually become a part of the totally open interior space – so let your imagination run wild! If a hemispherical roof doesnt fit your needs, we can manufacture a roof according to your specs. No other style of roof creates such a feeling of spaciousness. These domes add an unsurpassed air of sophistication and richness. For a unique combination of quality, function and design, merged with elegance and style, include a domed roof in your next building project.

We manufacture strong, durable roofs for all circular structures with diameters of 10 to a maximum of 36. Customers can select from a variety of colors and finishes, as well as acrylic Galvalume, known as Galvalume PlusĀ®.

Examples of installations can be seen in thePhoto Gallery.

Examples of our dome roof installations can be found on: Residential, Commercial, Municipal, Playgrounds, Community Centers, Communication Towers, Recreation, Sports Complexes and Churches.

Technical Information on DeMuth and Lancaster Domes

The steel domes are shipped in stacks of pie-shaped steel sections, ready for assembly on the job-site. Panels are radiused and their edges are roll-formed into channels at the factory. These are then nested together and bolted together during assembly resulting in a rigid and beautiful free-standing structure. They can be used as an architectural detail or can become an integral part of the building structure, providing a breathtaking inside view.

Domes are available with a base diameter from 10 to 36. They can be produced as perfect hemispheres or can be formed into more exotic shapes.

The domes are typically manufactured from 24 gauge premier galvanized steel which can be prefinished with a wide range of colors.

Installation of these domes is quick and surprisingly economical.

Tower of Terror Disney California

Underside of Dome Georgia History Museum, Augusta, GA

Material:Galvalume Plus- 24 gauge acrylic coated Galvalume

Custom Colors- offered in 24 gauge galvanized or Galvalume material coated with Kynar 25-Year finishes

Copper- 20 ounce Architectural Grade Copper, 3/4 hard

Hardware:Standard:Commercial zinc plated Stainless Steel

Assembly:Dome Roof is shipped knocked-down, base attachment angle or bracketsAvailable for various mounting requirementsPanels assembled with wide rib overlapping narrow ribPanels held together with a clip/bolt/neoprene washer assemblyWeather sealing package available

Shipping:The dome roofs are packaged and crated for shipping via commercial carrier

Frequently Asked Questions About Dome Roofs

Domes are made from 24-gauge material and supplied with a Galvalume

Plus finish or a veariety of quality painted finishes applied over a substrate of G-40 galvaneal. We can customize any color or finish to the needs of the customer.

Yes. The dome can be purchased with a Washcoat over galvanized. The washcoat is a paint primer. With a simple wipe down the sheet is ready for paint.

The DeMuth Hemispherical Dome is self-supporting; it does not require any superstructure for erection. It is a free-standing product.

How do you attach your dome to a structure?

There are a variety of anchoring and/or attachment systems available to meet the numerous design applications for this product. After a review of your plans, we will recommend a system that best meets your application.

Is any special re-inforcing needed with your roof?

Depending on the diameter, the geographic and physical location, Re-inforcing Kits are available. These kits are designed to hug the inside wall of the dome and can be applied without detracting from the effect of the dome.

Domes are weather-resistant, not watertight. For watertight applications, a weather sealing kit is recommended. An underlying roof presence for inclusion with the design.

Yes. There are several ways to apply insulation. After reviewing your plans, we will recommend a particular application.

Can the underside of the dome be plaster finished?

Depending on your application and location, the dome will be manufactured in either Waterloo, Ontario or Mount Joy, Pennsylvania. Both facilities have competent professionals to help in the application and manufacture of a dome roof to meet your needs.

DeMuth has available testing data for wind load and snow load (based on a computer model and tested to a national standard.) We also have certified wind load testing for our large hemispheric domes. Because each municipality has its own Code that needs to be met, and the variety of ways our prodcut is applied, we recommend contacting a local Civil Engineer to spec the dome to your application.

For information on any of our products or services,please send us a quick email usingthis online form.

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