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Lunar Anomalies Structures Page 01

Lunar Anomalies & Structures Page 01

The following Images are merely a starting point for researching older more famous Lunar Anomalies and this page will be developed over the next few weeks as the data is collected.

Ukert crater on Moon: The best triangle and one of the most artificial-looking objects in the solar system other than on Earth or Mars is Ukert crater on the Moon. The inset shows the Lunar Orbiter image, making the crater interior appear triangular. The main image is from the Clementine spacecraft, showing that the sides are not linear nor the vertices sharp. The higher-resolution view revealed this to probably be a natural feature.

The picture above is Ukert Crater clipped from an image taken

The photo and our clips are copyrighted and all rights reserved. This image is used here by permission.

The picture above is Ukert Crater clipped from the Clementine Satelite Full Color 0.1 k/p image. Below is a second crater that has a similar shape. To the left of Copernicus Crater

The Shard is an obvious structure which rises above the Moons surface by more than a mile. Its overall irregular spindly shape (containing a regular geometric pattern) with constricted nodes and swollen internodes, if natural, has got to be a wonder of the Universe. No known natural process can explain such a structure. Computer enhancement with about 190 feet (60 meters) resolution shows an irregular outline with more reflective and less reflective surfaces. The amount of sunlight reflecting from parts of the Shard indicate a composition inconsistent with that of most natural substances. Only crystal facets and glass can reflect that much light (polished metallic surfaces are unnatural). Single crystals the size of city blocks are currently unknown. I concur with Hoagland that the Shard may be a highly eroded remnant of some sort of artificial structure made of glass-like material. Other larger structures and their reflectivity in the area support this theory.

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The above image is the source photo of the anomaly. This photo, regardless of the castle tower is absolutely bizarre. Judging from the lighting in the craters on the lower left corner it is apparent the sun coming from the upper right side of the photo. If you look at the immense unlit area in the right half of the photo, it begs the question, where is the sunlight on the surface. The logical conclusion is that something above the surface is blocking the sun. It is in this area we find the castle tower. Close scrutiny by legitimate scientists place the castle some 9 miles above the surface of the moon.

When I first became aware of this anomaly some 11 years ago, I obtained the original photograph from NASA to verify for myself that it was real, and it is. I have since met with (and had dinner with) Mr. Richard C. Hoagland on numerous occasions . I believe this man to be a crusader for all of us, to deliver the truth of our wondrous past.

The nay-sayers on here can not have seriously looked at the overwhelming body of evidence that proves NASA has been lying to us for all these years about the true nature of man and his past. The greater question is why? What is going on at the upper echelons of power in this world that they do not want you to know. I know the answer to this question and it is evil, evil, evil. If I told you you would not believe it, so I wont bother. Now if you spend some time, as I have (20 years) looking into it, you will come to the same evil conclusion that I have. Fortunately, these days with the Internet and so many people having awakened to the truth, it will not take you as long to figure it out.

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