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What would you do if youd be stuck in an abandoned dome city on Mars?

With our new story- and choice-oriented video game powered by Unreal 4 Engine you can live through the adventure and follow our 3 young protagonist very closely; due to the FPS view the player first-handedly engage in exciting logical puzzles and can uncover all the mysteries that the abandoned city offers.

Dark and mysterious atmosphere in the abandoned Dome City, where nothing is really as it seemsEndless possibilities inside the city discover all of the buildings, all rooms, all tiny lockers and cabinets!You can lead the story whichever way you want the final path depends only on you!Love to think? Loads of puzzles on different difficulty levels, so eventually it will get more interesting – and more demanding!

Overon Station Entertainment Studio – based in Budapest, Hungary

PC (Steam), later on PS4 and XboxOne

Dome City is a story-oriented sci-fi adventure game in first person view. Follow the three protagonists as they explore the abandoned city on Mars, using mathematic, physic, astronomy skills to solve the mysteries in town whilst trying to survive. Discover the hidden clues that leads to food, water, energy or let you find spare parts for repairing some dusty old machine.

Dome City is on Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight

We now proudly present the start of our Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns. We

Dear Space Cadets, its time to reveal our great mission which led us to embark on this

Were super excited to reveal our wonderful concept artists highly detailed artworks of Dome City!

Those who were following our youtube channel or facebook site have already seen it, but

Our game is based on Istvn Nemeres work, who besides hundreds of other novels

We can proudly announce that Petri Alanko will provide the soundtrack for Dome City, our

On the 10th of July weve had the chance, and we took it so

Welcome to our abandoned home, Dome City, which only waits for you to fully explore

Overon Station Entertainment Studios was formed in September, 2014 with a goal of making story-oriented video games which can be enjoyed by all. The young yet really enthusiastic team from Hungary teamed up to bring fresh blood to the traditional PC industry with their professional background and innovative spirit. Cooperating with great artists, composers and writers Overon Station excited to galvanize life into exceptional stories that arent well known yet.