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The Colosseum (or Coliseum) was started by Vespasian (AD 9 – 79) on becoming emperor in 69 AD. It was built on the site of Neros Golden Palace in order to give the land back to the people having been acquired by Nero following the great fire of Rome in 64 AD when the previous amphitheatre was destroyed. Vespasian never saw the amphitheatre completed as he died in 79 AD. It fell to his sons, Titus and then Domitian to complete the project.READ MORE

The area of the Roman Forum was originally a grassy wetland of approximately 250 x 170 metres between the Palatine and Capitoline Hill. As more people began to settle in the area during the 7century BC a large covered sewer system was constructed in order to drain the area into the River Tiber. In time it developed into an open air market near the Comitium (a place of political and judicial activities). Over the years a number of buildings were constructed and in 600 BC the area was paved. This was the first forum and was considered ancient Romes city centre.READ MORE

The Pantheon has the largest un-reinforced dome in the world and was the largest dome until the completion of the Duomo of Florence in 1436. Constructed of un-reinforced concrete it has a height of 43.3m which equals the domes diameter. Two identical domes placed together would make a perfect sphere.

The Pantheon was built originally as a temple by Marcus Aggrippa, Consul of Rome and son-in-law of the Emperor Augustus around 25 BC.READ MORE

Located within the Vatican City, the Papal Basilica of Saint Peter, commonly known as Saint Peters Basilica, is the greatest of all the churches of Christendom and the centre piece of the Vatican, which contains the government for the Roman Catholic Church. An independentsovereign city-state the Vatican consists of a walled enclave within the city of Rome, approximately 44hectares (110acres), it has a population of around 800 and is the smallest independent state in the world by both population and area.

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