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Structural Engineering

Buildings and structures take careful planning in order to ensure that they dont collapse or fail in any way. Structural engineers analyze and study the way in which buildings support loads.

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The First Killer Robot Was Around Back in 1979

Controversy surrounds the removal of public monuments honoring the U.S. Confederacy. But who determines which monuments go up or come down?

London Smile Challenges World to Build Smarter Wooden Structures

This years London Design Festival features a long wooden tube that shows the potential of hardwood as a versatile building material.

10 Futuristic Construction Technologies

First, there was only mud. Now theres transparent aluminum, self-healing concrete and a swarm of nanobots to build your home. Meet your dwelling of the future.

10 Green Structural Engineering Marvels

Architects design buildings. Civil engineers build bridges. Structural engineers keep it all from crumpling and shaking apart. What happens when you mix all three and throw in a green twist?

10 Strange Structural Engineering Marvels

Some architects and engineers go big. Others get fancy. And yet others aim squarely for the completely bizarre. These imagination-bending, gravity-defying products may induce more than a few OMGs.

How do you build an underwater tunnel?

Underwater tunnels are so commonplace that we rarely think of the great dangers — and extreme construction techniques — these modern wonders require. With the opening of the Marmaray Tunnel in October 2013, its time to take a second look.

Famous Black Engineers Throughout History

You know the story: Lowly intern at huge company climbs the ladder to become its CEO. Or maybe you dont because it never really happens. But it did for one Ursula Burns. Meet her and nine other black engineers who have blazed an amazing trail.

How the Society of Women Engineers Works

In 1950, 60 pioneering American women formed the Society of Women Engineers to support and encourage each other in a field not very welcoming to them. Sixty years on, the fight continues, as women are still underrepresented in engineering.

Whats the worlds longest suspension bridge?

A national tragedy in Japan was the catalyst for the construction of the worlds longest suspension bridge. But it took 40 years to build, and required inventing new technologies along the way to make it happen. Do you know its name?

Underground mining has come a long way from the days of men with pickaxes and canaries. It relies much more heavily on machinery that makes it much safer than in the past. Which techniques are used in mining today?

Why are blueprints blue and not some other color? Theres a specific chemical process behind it, and its discovery has all the elements of a dark fairy tale.

You might consider it a feat of strength when you haul a particularly weighty and cumbersome armful of groceries into the house, but thats a drop in the bucket compared to the dramatically heavy loads these powerhouses can handle.

10 Heaviest Objects Mankind Has Ever Moved

Its always been a dilemma for humans: how to move that super-heavy object to a new place. But we always seem to find a way, dont we?

10 Women Who Broke New Ground in Engineering

One of the most travelled stretches of U.S. highway was designed by a woman who loved mathematics and wasnt interested in being a teacher. Who was she, and where is it?

How Earthquake-resistant Buildings Work

Sometimes it seems as though Earth has been hitting the caffeine a little too hard, with all the shakes from earthquakes. So, how do structures stand strong amid all those quakes?

The Bay Bridge is a wonder of structural engineering. Find out how multiple architectural styles were incorporated into the bridge that unites Oakland with San Francisco.

What was the first steel-framed skyscraper?

Steel-framed skyscrapers are common sights in any city skyline these days. But someone had to be the first to build up, up, up. Find out where this architectural standard was born.

What is soft-story seismic retrofitting?

A soft-story building has a first floor thats more flexible than the ones above — think apartments over a department store thats mostly open space. How does soft-story retrofitting keep such buildings from collapsing in a quake?

Is steel still the best material for building?

Steel is getting more expensive because the prices of iron and coal are rising. Are there alternatives to steel that can do the same job — or better — for less?

5 Amazing Elements of Green Architecture

You might associate green architecture with plastic rain barrels or ugly solar panels, but green design has come a long way. Green architecture can be gorgeous, as well see in this article.

If you think regular old domes took the world of structural engineering by storm, you should meet their geodesic cousins. What is a geodesic dome, and who first came up with the idea of building triangle-covered spheres as practical structures?

Bridges span the gap and help us get from point A to B, but who knew they could float, too? Find out what the deal is with floating bridges in this article.

5 Things Jenga Can Teach Us About Structural Engineering

Jenga seems like such a simple game — all you have to do is keep a tower of wooden blocks from toppling over. It may be simple, but its anchored by several complex structural engineering concepts.

5 Things Lego Blocks Can Teach You About Structural Engineering

Playing with Lego blocks isnt just childs play. In fact, these blocks and products present a hands-on opportunity to learn the basics of structural engineering.

You may see most bridges as those things you cross on your way to somewhere else, but where would you be if one collapsed? Weve figured out 10 reasons why the worst happens.

Earthquakes on the Mississippi: The New Madrid Seismic Zone

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