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Top 5 Malls to visit in Dubai getsetandgo

Dubai is definitely the land of malls where you cant drive for 10 minutes and not come across a mall. However malls here are not just for shopping, but they are more like an experience (including a cultural one). For some reason it seems like malls here intend to be a means of shopping cum entertainment cum sightseeing. Like the city, nearly every mall in Dubai has something unique to offer from ice rinks to skiing to themes to souks. And each one of them has its own unique charm and attraction.

As far as the actual shopping is concerned, while you find pretty much all the brands here (including the high-end ones) nothing is cheaper. The only thing we found cheaper were TVs (as compared to India), rest everything was pretty much as it is in India.

So based on my experiences (including shopping and everything), please find below my top 5 recommendations of malls that one should definitely visit in Dubai

1. The Dubai Mall The Dubai Mall is the worlds largest mall based on its total area and my feet can vouch for it :). For shopping this mall has the latest designs for every brand possible under the sun and a full section of the high-end brands (including an Armani Caf). We walked in this mall for nearly 3 full days, but I am sure that we still havent seen it completely. And apart from all the shopping this mall also has the following attractions numerous restaurants and cafes, Dubai Aquarium and the Underwater Zoo, an Ice Rink, an indoor theme park, Dubai Fountains, Reel Cinemas, Kidzania and a small souk. I also loved 2 of their exhibits one a fountain with people jumping in it and another of the numerous paper butterflies over the Armani caf. For the chocolate and candy lovers, there is a huge Hersheys Chocolate World that has every Hersheys product (including memorabilia possible) and a Candylicious  that sold every kind of candy possible (I am sure they had every flavor possible).

The butterflies all over the Armani Cafe

The opulence of this mall gets everyone to believe that even they are seriously rich :). We simply loved this mall (could have lived here forever) and spent many hours shopping (in the affordable sections) or generally walking around it. At the end of each day that we have spent here,  we had aching feet and felt that someone should just airlift and drop us home 🙂 On one of the days we exited from the Armani Cafe exit and sat at the sidewalks to just observe all the high end cars that came here at the end of the day, and we were not dissapointed. We practically saw every expensive car there is to see here.

How to reach You can take a direct cab to the mall or take a metro to the Burj Khalifa Metro Station and then take a shuttle bus or cab to the Mall.

2. Ibn Battuta Mall This is the largest themed mall in the world. It has been designed to celebrate the travels of the Arabic explorer Ibn Battuta who over a period of thirty years visited many parts of Africa, Europe, Middle East, Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia and China. He is also considered to be one of the greatest travellers of all times. In this mall there is one court for each region that Ibn Battua visited and it has in all 6 courts India, China, Tunisia, Egypt, Persia and Andalusia. They have recreated shops within the architecture of these countries and also included numerous exhibits from these countries. There is a large elephant from India here too :).

Though shopping here is much cheaper (as it has numerous cheaper brands and some ongoing sales in the others) we didnt shop here much. We just walked around and saw the whole mall and clicked numerous pictures that we just kept on uploading on FB along with the country names  :). It was like being in 7 countries at the same time. There is also an option of taking a buggy around but we loved our walk.

How to reach: This mall is nearly at the end of the city, hence it is preferable to take a metro to the Ibn Battuta station. The mall is just opposite to the station and all you need is to cross the roads.

3. Mall of Emirates Before the Dubai Mall was built, the Mall of Emirates was the second largest mall in Dubai. In terms of shopping it has all the brands, but I somehow didnt understand the layout till the end. Anyways, more than the actual shopping, the thing to see here is Ski Dubai. Yes thats correct, there is an indoor ski resort (in a desert) inside a mall here where you can actually ski, snowboard, toboggan, play with the penguins or just play in the snow. All you need to do is buy a pass according to what you want to do (there are numerous options available), collect the gear and clothes (its included in the ticket) and enjoy. After skiing (and they provide lessons too) along the various runs available you can actually laze at the St. Moritz Cafe or the Avalanche Cafe.

How to reach : You can take a metro to the Mall of Emirates station and then walk in the skywalk to directly reach the mall.

4. Diera City Centre Diera City Centre is one of the oldest malls here and used to be the largest mall in Dubai before the other newer malls were built. It is still a mall that you see a lot of locals shop in (we hardly saw any tourists here). We found all the big brands here and also some good deals in many of them. There are also numerous electronic stores here and there were some fabulous deals on them.

This mall is huge but gives you a sense of being practical and no-nonsense. You can find everything you want and its very easy to find your way in too.

How to reach : You can reach here by taking a metro to the Diera City Centre station or by taking a cab.

5. Dubai Festival City Mall I know by now you must had had enough of malls but this is one last mall that I feel you should visit. This is a much smaller mall than the other malls but it is the only mall which has a huge IKEA store and some other smaller stores which are not present in the bigger malls.

How to reach : Is best to take a direct taxi to reach this mall.

So whenever you are in Dubai next, do include these malls in your sightseeing itinerary 🙂

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25 Responses to Top 5 Malls to visit inDubai

Cool blog.!! Thanks for the follow.! I really appreciate it 🙂

Wow, these are fantastically beautiful buildings I dont think Id buy anything in these malls because Id be too busy staring at the ceilings! Thanks so much for checking out my blog and for the follow. I look forward to seeing more about what youre up to! xLaura

Hi laura, thanks for visiting my blog and the kind words 🙂 and all malls here are beautifully designed.

I cant even believe some of those are malls

Great photographs and writeups were super. Im definitely not a mall person but I found it interesting. I would have probably broke the post up into two or three though and I will be sure not to let my wife visit Dubai mall if we ever go there. I cant imagine spending so much time in a mall, but a hardware store, maybe ( ha ha).

Thanks for visiting my blog, please look around and feel free to share what posts you like or dont. I travel only once in a few years and now my health may prevent any travel so excellent writing and photos like yours will be my eyes overseas. Thank you.

Thanks so much and the thing with Dubai is that malls can be places for sightseeing and people watching 🙂

Beautifully written and lovely pictures. This shows Dubai is more than desert and Burj Khalifa. Thank you for sharing and also for stopping by my blog. 🙂

Thanks Prateek The more I visit the more hidden nooks I discover Its now becoming quite human to me 🙂

Look at the Photography isnt that Amazing!

Really enjoyed reading your post. Keep it up.

Would you be interested in knowing a little about Mcarthur + Company. It is one of the bestmall management companies.

thanks, something new i learn about dubai

Dubai is not only renowned for its beautiful sightseeing and skyscrapers but for shopping too. The Dubai mall having the reputation of biggest of shopping mall of the world is itself an tourist attraction. Great snap taken from Burj Khalifa.

Ive been to Dubai twice and would go again just to wander. The malls are amazing and the city is full of unique buildings and I was fortunate enough to have friends there show me around. So much fun!

So true and I too actually end up wandering more in these malls than actually shopping 🙂

very nice blog . thanks for sharing wonderful dubai places

wow! Thanks! we are planning a trip to Dubai soon! Now I know which ones to visit for sure! 🙂

Hey and please feel free to write to me in case you need any help with the travel planning 🙂

[] Top 5 Malls to visit in Dubai getsetandgo definitely the land of malls where you cant drive for 10 minutes and not come across a mall. However malls here are not just for shopping, but they are more like an experience (including a cultural one). For some []

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