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3D transparent resin domed labels from Alan Northrop Ltd.

The use of domed labels is becoming more widespread in a variety of industries and applications for product labeling and identification.

3D transparent polyurethane domed labels which are also known as gel labels, domed badges and bubble labels, are hard wearing and add an extra dimension to standard labeling. Our print work is covered by a clear resin bubble which protects the label below from light and the elements.

These are the high performance labels in our range and will withstand conditions such as outdoor use, strong light, cleaning fluids, water and scratching. This makes them ideal for labeling and branding on a wide range of products for both interior and exterior use.

Depending on the use for your domed label, the adhesive can be adjusted to cope with a variety of surfaces and conditions and the flexible nature of the resin coating will allow the label to be applied to a range of shapes.

Domed labels can be produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes and we are always willing to work together with new clients and designers to come up with solutions.

Most existing labels can be domed. Contact us, or send us samples of the labels you currently use, and well let you know if they can be transformed into domed labels.

If you would like to see an example of our domed labels please fill in the form on the Contact Us page to receive a sample pack.

If you would prefer to discuss your requirements with us please call 01756 700555 oremailus and well call you back.

Multi Design Digital Label Printing

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