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A vertical stack of three evenly spaced horizontal lines.

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Amazons crazy new crystal dome headquarters is under construction heres what it will look like when its finished

Amazonis building a new headquarters in Seattle. The company scrapped original plans for a rectangular design and replaced it with three connected domes.

The structures design inspiration comes from buildings all over the world, including a zoo in Germany and gardens in Singapore. It will be tall enough to accommodate fully-grown trees inside.

The domes could take more than six years to build and the headquarters would take up 3.3 million square feet, but construction has finally begun.

But look below to see how gorgeous it will look when finished renderings were put together by NBBJ.

Heres what the proposed Amazon dome headquarters will look like when its finished.

And an aerial view of the surrounding Seattle buildings.

Heres the headquarters that was previously proposed and approved.

Heres what Amazon wants to build instead.

Its going to take up multiple blocks.

The headquarters Amazon initially proposed used less green space. This has nature better integrated in the structure.

Here are models of what the multi-dome headquarters would look like.

The domes were inspired by multiple real-life structures, including this convention center in Ottowa, Canada.

And Mitchel Park Conservatory in Milwaukee.

Singapores Gardens by the Bay is a similar structure that combines nature and architecture.

So does the Nabana-No-Sato in Nagashima, Japan.

The National Botanic Garden of Wales in the UK is another source of inspiration for Amazon.

As is this Zoo in Leipzig, Germany.

The headquarters will be a mix of retail, primary buildings, a large lobby and parking garages.

There will be canopies and bike access.

Here are the plans for the second, third and fourth floors of the proposed domes.

Heres what it would look like from the street.

And a diagram of the east/west section of the space.

Heres the view that was previously approved along 6th Avenue.

And what the domes would look like instead.

Looking southeast along 6th Avenue.

The view from 7th Avenue, looking Southwest.

Here are some of the outdoor spaces that are inspiring the campus as well. They include fields, hanging lights, dog parks and water fountains.

The previously approved tower and podium.

But is it better than Apples spaceship-like headquarters?

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