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Use artificial intelligence to target customers and boost ad performance on Microsoft sites

Powerful network. Powerful benefits.

Connect with customers out and about, and coordinate your social media campaigns to find more fans and followers.

Reach people in the Bing Network everywhere or focus your paid search ads on cities, counties and areas with a certain distance from your business.

If youre already using another product for search engine marketing, like Google AdWords, its easy to pull that campaign into Bing Ads.

The Bing Network is a part of your customers life, powering the devices, apps and sites they use every day and meeting them in the moments that matter most. Find out more about the Bing Network audience in the U.S. and how users are searching from their desktop computersbelow.1

unique desktop searchers on the Bing Network

desktop searchers not reached on Google

monthly desktop searches on the Bing Network

share of the U.S. desktop search market

Connect to the people who matter to you with the Bing Networks large and unique audience.

Gain search engine advertising expertise and help grow your business by becoming a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

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If you use Google Adwords for your SEM campaigns, easily pull that information into Bing Ads.

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Seattle Chocolate journey to success

Learn how the retailer Seattle Chocolate used Bing Ads to gain exposure for jcoco, a chocolate line that supports meals for those in need.

Finding and attracting the ideal audience can be challenging and time-consuming for many advertisers. In-market Audiences can help you to quickly reach consumers who are ready to buy. Using artificial intelligence (AI), Microsoft is able to predict and identify people whove shown purchase intent signals within certain categories.

Lets raise a glass to women entrepreneurs around the world. Theyve triumphed over countless obstacles and gender discriminations to achieve great accomplishments and empower women to go for their own dreams. Jean Thompson and Akvile DeFazio fit the bill perfectly as examples of all the above. Although theyve never met, together they could make quite the pair. Bing Ads salutes them and all the other women entrepreneurs making the world a better place for you and me.

On May 2, at Seattles Fremont Studios, Bing celebrated our partners with the 2018 Global Bing Partner Awards. We recognized our regional winners and announced the most anticipated awards of the year, our Region and Global Partners of the Year. The Global Bing Partner Opening Ceremony and Awards event kicked off the Global Bing Partner Summit, held on the Redmond campus on May 3, 2018.

Weve had a great experience with campaigns that weve run on Bing Ads. Recently our campaigns saw a 6.3% conversion rate on Bing Ads, outperforming Google AdWords.

Alexandra Comnenos, Marketing Coordinator,Seattle Chocolate