Domed Sticker

Domed Sticker Online

Ch 2 Pg 20

Hey. Sorry Ive disappeared for a whole month again. I hate to do that but I havent exactly been too motivated lately, I guess real life and putting pressure on myself for this dont mix too well.

I guess I just cant keep a schedule.

Thank yall to still be there, sorry that yall know the ending in 15 years.

Dome VI goes silent, and as Marne and his glitching mind try to investigate the how and the why, he unveils some secrets that probably should have been left untouched, about scientist Elena Quarks not very ethical researches and the very functioning of his own head.

Will contain gayness, probably strongly judged and morally wrong behaviors, various aesthetic changes and will sometimes be marked as NSFW for poorly drawn guts and as poorly drawn naked people.

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