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Read along to mySpoken Verse Performance

I want to be your lender for life!

Then change phrases to fit my voice.

If you like poems bySinfield,Brookeand Joyce.

Im here to assure that you have a choice.

But if you prefer efficient.

To the status quo I say: Not yet.

Like the Star Trek crew, I like to explore.

To go where no man has gone before.

No doubt, its a place with fewer metaphors.

Still, I want to be your poet for life.

Written verse is easier to memorize.

If your favorite scribes you wouldnt recognize,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

Using blow it out your ass to keep it real.

So, assuming you arent expecting genteel,

You wont hear me shifting into high gear.

If youd prefer a poem be spoken clear,

This worlds got trouble and strife.

If youd rather that a poet extraordinaire,

Think beyond the basic: Life is so unfair.

And flow without distracting gasps for air,

Two kids Ive raised, from that biz Ive retired.

But if you dont mind that twice Ive been fired,

Your tweet said my work is sub prime.

Than hear another of my lyrical rhymes.

Im sorry if a chips not on my shoulder,

The world looks different, when youre older.

But if you despise Scully and Mulder,

And if you crave pseudo scholarly teaching.

Conveyed in rapid fire rants, and preaching.

Then please look elsewhere, Im beseeching,

I dont wanna be your poet for life.

Til the spoken verse sounds just right.

Poets who write their daily epiphanies,

Must number their production like symphonies.

But if those artists have your sympathies,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

We shared twenty-three years without spite.

I dont record works that I wont recite.

So, for now, if youre cool with keeping it light,

But if you feel my catalog is ample,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

If the majority of the books you bought

Were sorely lacking in original thought.

Please allow me to ask for one more shot.

For my love of rhyme, Im unapologetic

Even if it renders my art synthetic.

But if, to such concerns, youre apathetic,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

A slower pace improves comprehension.

While reading along increases retention.

Look, Iwantyou to retain what Imention,

Cause I want to be your poet for life.

And I dream of being called a has been.

Take a second to peruse section 810.

If youd like to find my poems therein,

How can one feel a poet must condense,

Yet request a setup to help it make sense?

If, after the title, you feel a poem should commence.

Then I want to be your poet for life.

Cause my brain just doesnt work right.

I limit my vices to keep my head clear.

When writing I only drink light beer.

If such self-denial would earn a cheer,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

But nailing it makes me feel victorious.

If you think the efforts meritorious,

Then I want to be your poet for life.

Source, cause Im prone to misbehave.

But I work hard to be artistically brave,

Who elsetook on Putin, when he wouldnt behave?

All the while, to a thesaurus Im enslaved.

Still, I want to be your poet for life.

My muse gave no choice but: Do It.

Now friends wonder why I dont write.

So, if your wordsmith must have the fire.

Yet can still look good in thrift store attire.

Then take this Texan for your versifier.

Yeah, I want to be your poet for life.

Some teach that poems are just snapshots.

I guess thats fine, if thats all youve got.

But should you favor odes which have a plot,

You know I want to be your poet for life.

Copyright Michael Kimbro 2015. All rights reserved.

Postscript: At the bottom of a couple of my earlier works, The Colocation Center and The Las Vegas Strip, I shared a few verses which didnt make the final cut. I call them poetic remnants, and heres a couple from this poems progression.

After realizing that every commercial web site now has a royalty program to encourage repeat business, I tried hard to include that concept in my poem, as follows:

Designed to stave off mental fatigue,

My Rewards Program will no doubt intrigue. [Note: I dont actually have a Rewards Program.]

While its just cause for the others to grieve,

Do they want to be your poet for life?

While researching that verse, every site also had a satisfaction guarantee, so why couldnt old Chrome Dome Mike have one as well, inspiring the following poetic remnant:

VERSE – Poetic Satisfaction Guarantee

But if its not enough that its free.

Did I mention the satisfaction guarantee? [Note: Alas, I dont offer a satisfaction guarantee either.]

Yeah, I want to be your poet for life.

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