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›aon abuildingor aroom, or abuildingwith such aroof

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Like most other examples of this type it has no aisles but a short, wide nave, covered by four domes.

Linear stability theory reveals the possibility of non-axisymmetrical, fingering-like instability in these domes.

The thin-layer equations are solved numerically to furnish models of expanding, axisymmetrical domes.

Later, larger buildings were more complex in plan and construction with a multiplicity of domes but, often, basically on cross-in-square foundation.

Next comes a chapter on arches, vaults and domes.

The cubeoctahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron and various other semi and demi-regular solids have been used as models for geodesic domes.

The domes range in diameter from 10 to 100 km, with mean diameters and heights of 24 km and 700 m, respectively.

The domes and vaults were decorated with mosaic.

Several previous studies of lava domes have chosen a more practical route and conducted laboratory experiments with analogue fluids.

The oviposition domes were washed and later re-used whenever necessary, but host fruits within the devices were renewed daily.

Spires, corner towers, belfries, even unusually shaped domes soon adorned all but the smaller frame stations.

All these churches have domes which cover a central area and are supported on pendentives.

The cathedral has five domes on drums, the central one supported on four piers.

Finally, we discuss the relevance of the thin-layer model to real lava domes and analogue experiments.

On the other hand, transitions occur in the dominant force balance in non-isothermal domes as a result of cooling.

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