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Doomed2 .io is a new version of the famous game. All the best of Doomed plus many improvements and we got 2 . In Doomed two io game we maine craft build and develop. All as in the famous first version but better. The game has two maps.

So, in the beginning you need to choose. The first is an ordinary plain with a large reserve of resources and the second is an island with a volcano in the center. As you might expect, the game is not easy. Therefore, the beginner takes time to master the rules and patterns of the game process. For those who are familiar with the first version of Doomed, everything will be simple and understandable after getting acquainted with the innovations. One of it is a constant changes in the location of the resources source. It is now impossible to capture and control it. There is a change of day and night. At night, poor visibility and many dangerous animals. At the beginning of the game, the first thing to do is to create a working tool (pick). The scheme of creation on a familiar principle crafting a wood, creating a pickaxe, mining a stone , we use the extracted materials for further needs. Gradually develop and strengthen.

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