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To all lovers of multipliers in the genre of survival, we hasten to present a very fascinating game that captivates not only an acute and dynamic plot, but also a bunch of available opportunities.Doomed.iois a browser-based online strategy, the main thing in which is to stay alive and settle into the wild full of dangers of the terrain. It is somewhat reminiscent of the well-known MineCraft and the popular Moomoo and Starve, but with more original design and lots of online gaming options.

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The main character in Doomedio is a small absolutely round kid with pens and legs. At first the hero is absolutely helpless and represents an easy prey for an aggressive environment. It appears on the seashore, which is completely covered with various vegetation and minerals. Also, around the protagonist, a wild animal and other players are constantly poking, who do not intend to share spheres of influence with the novice.

In order not to fall the death of the brave in the very first seconds after loading, the player must immediately turn on what is happening on the screen and take up mining. Since there are no tools yet, prey in Doomedio will have to be taken with bare hands. The first goal is wood and stone, from which it is possible to make a pickax, with it the extraction of reserves will go faster and better.

When the pickax is ready, you can start to work and chop palm trees, smash granite, crumble the gold bars. All the time this activity will be hampered by wild animals: wolves, bears, partridges. And also monsters that are disguised as the environment. They need to be straightened on the spot, as they not only bring glasses, but also additionally supply with wood, stones, meat and skins.

In addition to living creatures and monsters, other players play a special danger in playing They unite in clans and watch closely those who dared to invade their territory. To protect themselves from their attacks, it is best to immediately join one of the groupings and together fight for survival. By the way, you can protect your warrior with the help of armor, they become available at a certain level, with the necessary stock of gold nuggets.

When there are enough building materials and jewelry in the storerooms, will offer to build its fortifications. For this you can use both gold and pebbles. In the dark, its best to illuminate your territory with torches, they will scare away the game for a while. If the fortress is erected, it is desirable to secure it from attacks. One brute force for this will not be enough, it is best to wall it with towers and traps.

At the bottom of the playing field is a table with a list of collected stocks and available inventory. At each stage, weapons and tools change and improve: first they are stone, the port is iron, well, at the end, gold and diamond. Naturally, the more expensive the material from which the object is created, the more its productivity and lethal force.

On the left of the screen in Doomedio is the scale of the characters achievements, which indicates dexterity, speed, vital potential, attack power, and so on. Increase achievements and pump your warrior with the help of meat, which is extracted when the beast is destroyed. In order to pump, just press first for food, and then for crosses opposite each of the available talents.

This is just a little digression on the rules and features of the game, you can learn more by playing directly. By the way, management in the game is complicated, since it assumes the use of several keys on the keyboard. With WASD, you can move around, click on mouse responsible for striking and picking up things, spacebar jump and acceleration, crocheting crawling, Q throw off the thing, Q + Shift reset 10 things at once, T attach weapons to the wall or peaks.