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a musical percussion instrument consisting of a hollow, usually cylindrical, body covered at one or both ends with a tightly stretched membrane, or head, which is struck with the hand, a stick, or a pair of sticks, and typically produces a booming, tapping, or hollow sound.

any hollow tree or similar object or device used in this way.

the sound produced by such an instrument, object, or device.

any rumbling or deep booming sound.

a natural organ by which an animal produces a loud or bass sound.

any cylindrical object with flat ends.

a cylindrical box or receptacle, especially a large, metal one for storing or transporting liquids.

any of several cylindrical or nearly cylindrical stones laid one above the other to form a column or pier.

a cylindrical or faceted construction supporting a dome.

any of several marine and freshwater fishes of the family Sciaenidae that produce a drumming sound.

an assembly of fashionable people at a private house in the evening.

reliable, confidential, or profitable information:

to beat on anything rhythmically, especially to tap ones fingers rhythmically on a hard surface.

to make a sound like that of a drum; resound.

(of ruffed grouse and other birds) to produce a sound resembling drumming.

to beat (a drum) rhythmically; perform by beating a drum:

to call or summon by, or as if by, beating a drum.

to drive or force by persistent repetition:

to fill a drum with; store in a drum:

to drum contaminated water and dispose of it.

(formerly) to expel or dismiss from a military service in disgrace to the beat of a drum.

He was drummed out of the university for his gambling activities.

to call or summon by, or as if by, beating a drum.

to obtain or create (customers, trade, interest, etc.) through vigorous effort:

They were unable to drum up enthusiasm for the new policies.

to drum up new methods of dealing with urban crime.

to promote, publicize, or advertise:

The boss is out beating the drum for a new product.

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At the turn of the century, zoos displaying so-called primitive cultures were used todrum uppublic support for colonialism.

One hundred years ago, Senegalese natives were put on display in Norway todrum upsupport for colonialism.

Putin also hoped todrum upsome patriotic pride with a big circus to serve with thick black bread.

Meanwhile, Thompson continued to do all he could todrum upthe black vote.

Mistakenly live mic, or intentional gimmick todrum upexcitement for the show?

Let Johnson send his little Boswell out todrum upinformation.

So youre not going back to the West Coast todrum upcargo for us?

Professor, you seem to have about everything; can youdrum upa cigar and a match?

But he could notdrum upeven a dutiful Oh, she doesnt really need you, does she?

Almagro was again left behind at Panama to try todrum uprecruits.

) to evoke or obtain (support, business, etc) by solicitation or canvassing

) a percussion instrument sounded by striking a membrane stretched across the opening of a hollow cylinder or hemisphere

the sound produced by a drum or any similar sound

an object that resembles a drum in shape, such as a large spool or a cylindrical container

one of a number of cylindrical blocks of stone used to construct the shaft of a column

the wall or structure supporting a dome or cupola

any of various North American marine and freshwater sciaenid fishes, such as

a type of hollow rotor for steam turbines or axial compressors

) a rotating cylindrical device on which data may be stored for later retrieval: now mostly superseded by disks

the necessary information (esp in the phrase

to play (music) on or as if on a drum

to beat or tap (the fingers) rhythmically or regularly

) (of birds) to produce a rhythmic sound, as by beating the bill against a tree, branch, etc

) to instil by constant repetition:

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1540s, probably from Middle Dutchtrommedrum, common Germanic (cf. GermanTrommel, Danishtromme, Swedishtrumma), probably of imitative origin. Not common before 1570s. Slightly older, and more common at first, wasdrumslade, apparently from Dutch or Low Germantrommelslag. Machinery sense attested from 1740, from similarity of shape.

1570s, fromdrum(n.). Todrum (up)business, etc., is American English 1839, from the old way of drawing a crowd.

Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.Cite This SourceSlang definitions & phrases fordrum upExpanddrum up

To stimulate; promote: Go drum up a little enthusiasm for this turkey(1849+)

Copyright (C) 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers.Cite This SourceIdioms and Phrases withdrum upExpanddrum up1.Bring about by persistent effort, as inIm trying to drum up more customers, orWe have to drum up support for this amendment. This expression alludes to making repeated drumbeats.[Mid-1800s]2.Devise, invent, obtain, as inHe hoped to drum up an alibi.[Mid-1800s]The American Heritage® Idioms Dictionary

Copyright © 2002, 2001, 1995 by Houghton Mifflin Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Company.

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