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Inappropriate FiOS TV ad

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While thismay not be a specific programming issue, it is about a specificFiOS tv ad. I find the current ad of the young girl,who looks to be all of about 10 years old, floating on a raft in a pool watching what appears to be a French language romance film wildly inappropriate – not for the content so much as for the choice of such a young CHILD made up to look so precociouswith an attempt at seductive mood music in the background. If this were a girl in her late teens or a young woman being cannon-balled by an apparentsibling, it would benearly funny. In these days of all the sexual harassment and abuse allegations FINALLY making an impact, this is clearly well over a tasteful and appropriate edge. And, NOTE TO AD AGENCY, I had to see it a few times to figure out what it was advertising – I thought it was for cookies. But because I record much of my programming, I blitz through most ads. This one, though, is in such a bad taste, I had to speak.

I cannot comment on the appropriateness of this commercial. However Ive been trying to figure out what the music used in the commercial is and have not found it. If anybody knows could you please reply to this post. Thank you

Have looked everywhere for this music from FiOS Commercial of girl relaxing in the pool eating cookies and watching French film.

Oh and Im not qualified to judge appropriateness.

Im looking for the song too. No comment on the appropriateness of the ad content.

I would likeVerizon managementto review a Fios Quantum TV ad where a pre-pubescent girl is fetishized with red nail polish, red lipstick, Lolita type sunglasses, and a bikini, to look as though shes twenty-five. The child is barely ten years old. Do you believe that masquerading a pre-pubscent child in the trappings of adulthood to market a product is okay?

In this moment of cultural awareness, WOMEN are speaking out about being preyed upon sexually and Verizon managements approval of the overt-sexualization of this child must be understood for what it is bait.When a young girl is fetishized as a means tosignifyDESIRE it is offensive.

Your ad has struck such a negative chord in me, that every time I see it, I become angrier.

Women do not want to see their children objectified in advertising.

Verizon (Fios Quantum) does a disservice to our intelligence by continuing to run this ad.

Trying to find out the tune in commercial too. It almost sounds like Velvet Underground or something… Anyone w info please inform

The current FIOS ad depicting a young girl as an object of sexual desire is repulsive on its merits, and doubly so given the current social climate. Objectifying a prepubescent girl for the sole purpose of promoting your products is blatant exploitation. The national conversation concerning the behavior of Roy Moore should have been enough for your executives to reject this ad campaign as tasteless and inappropriate. We are FIOS customers and are very disturbed by your choice of subject material.

No we arent. Shes a girl in a swimsuit in a pool. I came to look for the song.

You have got to be kidding, I see a young girl floating around in a pool and dont see anything wrong with it and you see something sexual lolololol. So I guess every young girl around a swimming pool with a swim suit on is wrong in your eyes? This thread is unreal and just plain stupid.

I have to say both my husband and I looked at each other after the commercial regarding fios with the young girl in pool and said what was that about? What r you trying to sell?? Very inappropriate especially in todays times. We are both retirees and are quite surprised at Verizons lack of taste in that commercial. Please respond.

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