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LG G6 pop up ads

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Latest replyon Apr 28, 2018 7:43 PM by Verizon Wireless Customer Support

My Lg G6 has pop up ads when I wake my home up. There on the home screen. Sometimes Groupon ads. sometimes Starbucks, and others. How do I stop them?

Sounds like you have installed an app that is pushing ads to your home screen or lock screen. You should review your installed applications and see if you can figure out which one it is.

Its not the phone its some shady app you installed. didnt happen to be a flashlight app was it?

We dont want this issue to continue to interrupt your rest. Have you tried disabling the notification alerts for the applications on your phone by tapping SettingsNotificationsAppsMenuReset App PreferencesReset?

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I have pretty much the same issue as the original poster. And your solution does not work for me Im sorry to say. I had an HTC that wont stay on without being plugged in so they sent me a refurbished LG G6 and it came with so many pop-up ads that its infuriating. And I havent installed any new apps. In fact I went and deleted a ton of apps i dont need and i cant stop these full screen pop up ads. And the weird thing is they are for apps i have like google and waze etc. An interesting side note, i used the NFC to transfer my stuff from my htc to this lg and now my htc is infected with these popups. Super frustrating!!!

funny my son has had his G6 since November and has not reported these issues

Mr247, we know how frustrating it can be to have adds disturbing you while you are using your phone. Lets go ahead and get this worked on. Have you tried turning off restore applications and doing a factory data reset of the phone to see if that stops the ads from popping up. If not, can you try that and let us know what happens?