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Manufacturer of Etched Metal Nameplates Screen Printed Metal Nameplas Flexible DecTaganOveryBar CodLabelDomLabels

Manufacturer of Etched Metal Nameplates, Screen Printed Metal Nameplates, Flexible Decals, Tags and Overlays, Bar Coded Nameplates and Labels, Domed Labels, Metal Fabrication and Specialty Products

We specialize in small to medium sized runs with quick lead times,

for your product identification needs.

We specialize in small to medium sized runs

printedmetal nameplates,flexibledecals, tags andoverlays,

nameplates and labels,domedlabels, metal fabrication andspecialty products

American Nameplate, the Chicago areas premier nameplate manufacturer, is aU.L.,

FMandIntertekrecognized supplier that has been serving the product identification needs of

OEM providers, Brokers, Distributors and Manufacturers Reps

since 1934. All our nameplates, labels and decals areRoHSandREACHcompliant.

Over the years, we have earned our reputation as a technically superior and environmentally sensitive company that is committed to delivering highly functional identification products in a timely fashion – in three business days or less if the need arises using ourEagle Express Service.