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Microsoft Community Frequently Asked Questions

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Microsoft Community Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find information on Microsoft Community?

Someone posted my question, but it hasnt been answered yet.

There are a lot of posts replying to my question. How do I know which is the best?

Asking a Question or Starting a Discussion

How do I create a question or discussion post?

What is the difference between a question post and a discussion post?

How can I edit a question or discussion Ive posted?

Can I delete a question or discussion Ive posted?

No one replied to my question or discussion. Should I post it again?

Can I get notified when someone responds to a question or discussion?

How do I stop getting notified when someone responds to a question or discussion?

I had a question and somebody else posted the answer. How do I mark it as Answered?

I had a question and marked a response as Answered, but then I found out it was wrong. What should I do?

I had a question and I posted the right answer. Can I mark it as Answered?

I found a great discussion, how do mark it?

What does Reply with quote mean?

How can I edit a response Ive posted?

How can I delete a response Ive posted?

Are there guidelines about what I can say in the community?

I answer a lot of threads. Are there any tools to help me find the topics Im interested in?

I was notified that I have a private message, what does that mean?

Can I post a reply to a forum article?

Can I get notified when the article is updated or when someone comments?

How do I recommend a forum article that really helped me?

Does my profile picture have to be a picture of me?

How do I get badges and weekly awards on my profile page?

The Most Important Answer of the Week

The Most Answers for the Week badge

The Most Recommended Discussion badge

The Microsoft Certified Professional Badge

You can explore the community and search for solutions without joining. But if you want to post or receive email notifications, youll need to sign up.

If you already have an account, a Hotmail account, a Messenger account, or an Xbox Live account, you already have a Microsoft account. Just sign in with your account name and password.

Sign in with an Office 365 account:

If you have an Office 365 account provided by your work or school, you may select this option. Just sign in with your account name and password.

If you do not already have a Microsoft account, click

. You are taken to the Create an account page.

page, complete all required fields to create an account.

. You are now a member of Microsoft Community!

Search first. Theres a good chance that someone has already written about the topic you have in mind.

Absolutely. There are a number of ways to narrow your search:

, and then select a product or technology to search in that category.

Use the drop-down menu on the Search button to refine your search by product or category.

Go to any category list page and select a topic or sub-topic in the dropdowns, and then clickApply. Youll be searching with those filters. If you dont find what you need, you can remove the filters in the search results window to widen your search.

You can also select a content type: Questions, Discussions, or Forum Articles.

If you find the same question you wanted to ask in the forum, but it hasnt been answered yet, click theI have the same questionbutton. That way youll be notified via email when your question has been answered.

Note:You can clickI have the same questioneven if the question is answered, to get updates on that thread.

Posts that contain an answer to the question will be marked as an answer by the original poster or a moderator and will be denoted byA:orAnswer:depending on the language.

You can also look for posts with a high number ofDid this resolve your issue?votes, even if they havent been marked as answers yet.

If youve searched the community and you cant find a question or topic that is the same or similar to yours, its time to post your own.

Click theParticipatemenu and then clickAsk a QuestionorStart a Discussion.

Type in any details about your question or discussion topic that you think would be useful. Include details like what you are trying to do, what you have already tried, and your computer type if you are asking a question.

dropdown list, select the product or service youre asking about. This may generate other dropdowns. Use these to make your post as specific as you can.

Select Notify me when someone replies to this post, in order to get an email notification when others respond to your question or discussion.

. Your question or discussion has been posted.

Note:You have to be signed in to post.

Question posts are used to get an answer or solution to a specific question or issue.

Discussion posts are used to share opinions, discuss tips and tricks, and chat about Microsoft technologies.

Both types of posts have the same formatting and similar options. The most noticeable exception is that no answer-marking is needed or available on discussion posts.

How can I edit a question or discussion Ive posted?

and then click the Edit button. The Edit screen opens.

button. The Are you sure you want to delete your post? window opens.

Can I delete a question or discussion Ive posted?

If other users have replied to your post, you cant delete the post unless the other users delete all of their replies first.

No. Posting the same question or discussion multiple times creates distraction. Just wait–someone will reply, and youll be notified when it happens.

Yes. Click the ellipsisand then clickSubscribe. If you didnt provide an email address at sign-in, youll have the opportunity to provide one when you clickSubscribe.

Go to the original post. Yes. Click the ellipsisand then clickUnsubscribe.

If you posted the original question, you can mark the question as answered yourself. Just clickYestoDid this resolve your issue?on the response.

If you didnt post the original question, you can still markYestoDid this resolve your issue?to upvote the post.

Go to the response. Click the ellipsisand then clickUnmark as answer.

No one can mark their own post as an answer. Only the person who posted the original question (if it is someone else) or a moderator can mark as post as Answered.

You can follow the discussion and let others know its worthwhile by clickingI recommend this discussionbutton.

If you like a specific reply in a discussion, clickUpvote.

Note:You must be signed in to post a reply.

When you click this link, your reply will be posted with the content of that post at the top of your reply window.

How can I delete a response Ive posted?

option. The Edit window opens.

button. The Are you sure you want to delete your post? window opens.

Are there guidelines about what I can say in the community?

Yes. Please read ourCode of Conductfor using the community.

If someone has posted content that is abusive, offensive, threatening, or otherwise violates the Microsoft CommunityCode of Conduct, you can report it.

A Microsoft representative will review your report and decide how to proceed.

Note:You must be signed in to report abuse.

Yes.Advanced user optionscan help you find and review threads more efficiently.

Use theadvanced thread list filtersto find threads that were posted within a defined timeframe. These filters appear in addition to other forum filters.

Advanced thread list filtersmust be activated through your user profile.

Only a Microsoft moderator can start a private message. If you receive a private message, it means that the moderator needs to address your question or issue in private or requires information that may be more personal (such as an email address or account details). Only you and Microsoft moderators can see the contents of the private messageother community members cannot see it.

From an email notification, click the link provided.

From a thread, click the Private Message icon next to the thread title.

From anywhere else on the community, click the envelope icon in the top navigation. Your Private Messages inbox appears.

Yes, forum articles accept comments so that you can share your thoughts on the article.

Yes. Click the ellipsisand then clickSubscribe. If you didnt provide an email address at sign-in, youll have the opportunity to provide one when you clickSubscribe.

You can follow the article and let others know its worthwhile by clickingUpvote.

Note:You must be signed in to participate.

Click your screen name anywhere it appears in the community (for example, in one of your posts or questions, or at the top of any page) to get to your profile page.

The personal profile information that you choose to share will appear to all users on the Profile tab.

Your picture (if you decide to upload one)

Your title, if you have one (for example, Community Moderator)

Your introduction (if you decide to write one for your profile)

All the threads and forum articles that you participated in, voted for, or are subscribed to appear on your Activity section.

From the Edit profile view, you can:

Click the Edit profile tab on your profile page. Change your publicly-facing profile information, subscribe to email notifications, and select advanced user options as desired. When youve finished editing your profile, clickSave.

You can delete your profile from this community, but keep in mind that it will also be deleted on all communities that use this profile. The communities that use this profile are Microsoft Community, Microsoft Partner Support Community, and Microsoft Training, Certification, and Program Support Community.

When you delete your profile, all of your posts, awards, votes, and subscriptions will be permanently disassociated from your profile. The profile name will become er and the profile details and signature line will be removed.

Note: Once a profile has been deleted, it cannot be restored.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click

Confirm that you want to delete your profile and click

Does my profile picture have to be a picture of me?

No. You can use a picture that you own (for example, a picture of your cat or dog) or a picture in the public domain, like license-free clip-art or photographs.

Please read ourCode of Conductto make sure your profile picture is appropriate.

They will appear automatically as they are earned. To learn about the badges you can earn, seeBuilding your reputation, below.

Yes. There are two ways to view another community members profile.

Browse to a profile page. Whenever a profile name appears as part of thread activity, forum article activity, or award recognition, you can click on it to open the profile page.

Search for a profile page. Enter the exact profile name in the search box and select

in the dropdown. Click the search icon. If an exact match is found, the profile page will appear.

You can start earning badges with your very first answer and continue building your reputation every time you ask a question, post a reply, or vote for something helpful. All of your badges appear on your profile and help others understand your level of community involvement.

These badges are awarded to community members who have demonstrated a long-term commitment to helping build a community of high quality content in a safe, healthy environment.

This is an ongoing, dynamic process. Badges earned for accomplishments can be lost if your community activity no longer meets the badge criteria.

Each time one of your question and answer posts is marked asHelped by this replyorAnswer, you get a vote toward yourContent Creator badge. When you have a high enough percentage of posts marked, youll get your badge.

Benefits of being a Content Creator:

When you mark a question and answer post asSolved my issue, or, recommend or upvote a forum article or discussion post, you have started on the path to aContent Curator badge. If enough of the posts and articles (in any combination) that you have voted for end up as answers or as the most upvoted or recommended post and articles in that category, youll get your badge.

Benefits of being a Content Curator:

Every time you report legitimate abuse in the community, you get a vote toward yourGuardian badge. When you have reported enough confirmed cases of abuse and accurately pointed out the type of abuse, youll get your badge. Reporting content that is not actual abuse will not get you votes and will slow your progress toward earning this badge.

Publishers are Forum Article Authors who have published numerous articles, many of which the community has identified as especially helpful.

Conversationalists are community members who have consistently started and participated in discussion threads. Many of the discussion threads theyve started are highly recommended by other members of the community.

Every week we recognize the contributions of our community members with badges awarded for the best content or noteworthy participation in each category. These award badges are yours to keep and cannot be lost.

The first time one of your question and answer posts is marked as anAnswer, aFirst Answer badgewill appear in your profile.

This badge is awarded to the person who posts to a question and answer thread in the shortest amount time after a user asks a question and which is markedAnswereither by the person who asked the question or by a moderator in the past week.

This badge is awarded to the person whose question and answer post gets the mostHelped by this replyvotes in each week (minimum 5 votes). Every week this badge will be awarded to a poster in each category.

This badge is awarded to the person whose question and answer post gets the most I have the same question votes in each week and is subsequently marked Answer. Every week this badge will be awarded to a poster in each category.

This badge is awarded to the person who creates the greatest number of question and answer posts markedAnswerin each week.

This badge is awarded to the person whose discussion thread gets the most Recommended votes in a given week. Every week this badge will be awarded in each category.

This badge is awarded to community members who have voluntarily completed training courses and learning opportunities provided through the community. This badge can be earned more than once for completing training in different categories.

This badge is awarded to community members who have made significant contributions to the community during the launch of a Microsoft product or service. This badge can be earned more than once for contributions to multiple categories.

We appreciate the contributions of community members from integrated Microsoft communities. The following badges were achieved on previous Microsoft communities and are no longer active.Microsoft Mobile Community

These arevolunteerswho are here to help the community. Community Moderators answer questions, and work to keep the community healthy and fun. Community moderators are members of the community, not Microsoft employees. People who make extraordinary contributions to the community may be asked to be Community Moderators.

Support Engineers are experts who are engaged by Microsoft to answer your questions.

Forum Moderators are experts engaged by Microsoft to mark the best answers, manage abuse, and maintain community health.

Forum Article Authors are community members who have demonstrated outstanding written and technical skills. Forum Article Authors have the ability to create and manage their own forum articles in Microsoft Community.

These are Microsoft employees in charge of a particular category. Forum Owners are ultimately responsible for the health of the category.

Most Valuable Professionals are independent experts who are offered a close connection with people at Microsoft. They can often answer your most challenging questions.Find out more about the MVP program.

Microsoft staff participating in the community have a badge that says Microsoft. These community members may work in the community, or they may be general employees who choose to participate.

Registered members of the Windows Insider Program are technology enthusiasts who have early access to releases in order to help improve the features and functionality of Windows.Learn what you can do as an Insider.

To take advantage of all Microsoft Community features, use a supported browser.

In general, Microsoft Community supports the current and previous major releases of each browser. This enables us to provide new features made possible by modern browser technologies.

Yes, the community uses responsive web design to scale the webpage to the right size for your device. To expand a menu in the tablet or mobile device experience, simply tap on it. Some advanced features might not be available in the tablet or mobile device experience due to space constraints.

This Code of Conduct applies to all users of the Microsoft Community.

The Community includes forums, blogs and other community features.

The community is designed for individuals 13 years of age or older.

As a participant of these forums you agree that you will uphold this Code of Conduct, and are responsible for all activities and content you post/upload.

In addition to upholding this Code of Conduct, you are responsible for adhering to all applicable local and national laws.

This is your community. Help us to keep it safe, friendly, fun and helpful.

Be polite and respectful in your posts, and in your replies to other people.

Keep conversation threads on track. Its okay to disagree with another users post, but dont take the thread off track to do so.

Always address your comments to the person who asked the initial question, not the other posters.

Cite the source of anything you post or upload, if it isnt your own original content. Be honest about your sources.

Keep it clean. No profanity, obscenity, insulting or bigoted comments please. No name-calling.

Search to see if a question youd like answered has already been posted by somebody else. Posting the same question repeatedly and starting multiple threads on the same subject can be confusing.

Report any kind of abuse you find in the community. You will find Report abuse links in every post and in every profile.

Divert or change a thread for your own purposes; just start a new thread with the subject you want to discuss.

Post questions that are the same or similar to questions you have already posted. When someone has an answer or a reply, that person will respond to you.

Threaten, stalk, insult, victimize or intimidate anyone or any group of people for any reason; including on the basis of age, gender, disability, ethnicity, sexual orientation, race or religion.

Incite other users to threaten, stalk, insult, victimize, or intimidate another person or group of people.

Harass, insult, tease, or correct other users about the grammar used in their posts. Good or bad grammar isnt the point-the community is about getting questions answered and technical discussions.

Post content depicting nudity of any sort, including full or partial photographic human nudity, or nudity in cartoons, fantasy art or manga.

Link to websites that require payment to access information.

Post links to external sites that violate this Code of Conduct.

Things that will get you immediately banned from this community:

Posting content that is intended to harm or exploit minors in any way, including collecting the personally identifiable information (PII) of any minor (anyone under18 years old), including, but not limited to: name, email address, home address, phone number, or the name of the minors school.

Invading anyones privacy by attempting to harvest, collect, store, or publish private or personally identifiable information, such as passwords, account information, credit card numbers, addresses, or other contact information without that persons knowledge and willing consent.

Posting content or links to content that is illegal or violates any applicable local or national laws.

Posting or spreading viruses, worms, malware, or other software intended to harm another users computer.

Impersonating a Microsoft employee, agent, manager, host, administrator, moderator, another user, MVP, or any other person through any means.

Pirating Microsoft software or products, or offering pirated software or products for sale, including posting product keys.

Specifically violating Microsoft licensing or terms, such as posting content or links that will install a 3rd party kernel, or evade security measures built into the software.

Promoting or otherwise facilitating the purchase and sale of ammunition or firearms.

Posting spam, pyramid schemes, affiliate marketing, or unsolicited commercial advertisements of any kind, including advertising for money making schemes, discount cards, credit counseling, online surveys or online contests.

Attempting to manipulate the forums, or other community features, including ranking and reputation systems, by violating any of the provisions of this Code of Conduct, colluding with others onvoting, or using multiple profiles.

Offering to make international money transfers for amounts exceeding the asking price of an item, with intent to request a refund of any portion of the payment.

Using any form of automated device or computer program that enables the submission of postings without the express written consent of Microsoft Corporation.

Be very cautious about accepting direct help from another user. If that user suggest he use Remote Assistance to help you, be aware that he will have access to your computer, and that your computer could be hacked.

If you volunteer to help another user through Remote Access, be very careful not to harm their computer in any way, or to access information that is not openly made available to you. Abuse of Remote Access will not be tolerated, and will result in your being banned from the community.

Please be careful with your personal information. If you post your email address in a post, it may be used for any purpose by the general public, as this is a public community.

Dont post information that could be used by others to steal your identity, like your street address, your phone number, your social security number, or your credit card number.

Microsoft reserves the right, at its sole discretion, and without any obligation to do so, to review and remove user-created services and content at will and without notice, and delete content and accounts. Microsoft reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to permanently ban participants or terminate access to the community.

We encourage you to not share information that others could use to harm you. We encourage parents to be aware of and help exercise control over content posted by and activities of their children to keep them safe online.

Microsoft is not responsible for the content of any user-created posting, listing or message. The decision to view content or engage with others is yours. We advise you to use your judgment.

You are responsible for protecting your computer against interference, spyware or viruses that may be encountered. We recommend you install a virus protection program on your computer and keep it up to date.

You may use the Report abuse link to report violations of this Code of Conduct.

Microsoft reserves the right to amend or change the Code of Conduct or any service at any time without notice. We encourage you to periodically review these guidelines to ensure you are in compliance.

Some information you provide or upload to the service may be stored outside of the country/region in which you reside.

All activity on the service is also governed by theMicrosoft Terms of Useand theMicrosoft Privacy Policy.

You acknowledge that you are a volunteer participant in the Microsoft Community and that you may discontinue your participation at any time. Nothing related to your participation will be construed as creating an employer-employee relationship, a partnership, joint venture, association, or agency relationship, or as a limitation upon Microsofts right to terminate your access as foreseen above, or upon Microsofts discretion, to terminate your access as provided herein. You assume all risk for your use.

You understand that posting content or submitting material is voluntary, and you are under no obligation whatsoever to provide any submissions or contributions. You are solely responsible for your dealings with any third party that relates to your use of the community, or any information or materials you obtain from a third party.

No Compensation. Microsoft shall not be obligated to provide, and you have no expectation of receiving, any compensation in any form for your voluntary participation in the community, or for your submissions or contributions.