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1A rounded vault forming the roof of a building or structure, typically with a circular base.

the dome of St Pauls Cathedral

Quadrilateral foundations, however, could support only a roof consisting of one or several panels, but not a dome with its rounded base.

Construction of the dome included installing hollow structural members that double as radiator pipes.

She instantly recognized the shape of the buildings interior, the circular architecture and the dome that reached upwards to the heavens.

The two domes were independent of each other, making it is possible for visitors to travel between the two domes on a walkway, after climbing a flight of stairs.

Such has been the pressure for space that original vaults and domes have been destroyed so that properties could expand vertically, often using incompatible materials.

The final dome or vault consisted of a composite structure of in-situ concrete and ferro-cement formwork.

This can be repeated to transform the octagon into a sixteen-sided figure on which the base of the dome may rest.

Its futuristic design features wind turbines instead of the traditional minarets, while a translucent latticed roof would replace the domes seen on most mosques.

In concept, the structure of the dome is innovative yet apparently simple.

In the centrally focused pantheon of the original bank building, the round dome was supported by interior Ionic columns.

I gazed down upon the old quarter, a collage of dun roofs, domes and vaults, pencil and square minarets, ugliness and elegance.

Like many of the plans and models contributed in 2001, this plan featured domes and pyramidal structures, circular spaces, and a lot of glass.

The domes are perhaps the buildings most significant feature.

The dome and roof were sheathed in copper, and the building was fitted with new mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and elevator systems.

There is nothing new about the dome shape or any question about its structural merits.

In resolving the differences between the orthogonal basic plan and the circular forms of the domes, perimeter walls become serrated in plan.

The system uses the timeless forms of arches, domes, and vaults to create single and double-curvature shell structures that are both strong and beautiful.

Heres the situation: You decide to build a church by mounting a circular dome on four rounded arches that meet at right angles.

Visitors during the summer of 2002 may expect to see a new black-and-white marble floor in the rotunda beneath the dome.

What is more, above the baldachino is Michelangelos dome, which is based on the dome of the Pantheon.

, vault, rotunda, arched roof, arched ceiling

The revolving openable hemispherical roof of an observatory.

Astronomical observatories use Archimedean domes to cover their telescopes.

The dome in the Hayden Planetarium, or in any other large planetarium, is an ideal theater for traveling along the simulated starways.

The astronomer stretched out his arm, and the whole dome turned horizontally round, running on the balls with a rumble like that of nearing thunder.

The blue plaque marking the spot is incorrect in stating that its dome housed the largest telescope in the world.

This telescope is housed inside the interior dome of the Mauna Kea Observatory, Hawaii.

The windmill no longer has a roof and he proposes a dome to top it off and house its telescopes.

The facility features two purpose-built observatory domes, each housing a telescope – one a powerful model featuring an 18.75-inch reflecting mirror.

They were completely destroyed, their metal domes and telescope mountings melted.

A telescope is normally bolted to a vast concrete plinth around which the observatory dome can rotate without touching it, and the instrument isolated from tremors.

He opens his telescope dome and swings the telescope down near the horizon.

Of course, the centre of interest is the giant dome of the planetarium, shining with an iridescent white colour, above the rows of seats.

The Observatory has been in operation since 1894 and houses one of Scotlands largest telescopes in the original Observatory dome.

Dr Paul Callanan said restoration work had already been completed on the main instrument, an equatorial telescope in the dome.

An absolute silence reigned in the observatory dome.

The telescope dome is shown in Figure 1, and the control room in our visitor center is shown in Figure 2.

The new building is quite a looker, like the old one and built in a grand architectural style, having a tower and observatory dome, perhaps to keep up with the grand old structure.

You gaze back at them through the observation dome, then up at a soaring bald eagle.

A sports stadium with a domed roof.

Though not quite as powerful as Anderson, Smith adds speed to the offense, a trait that is needed for a team that plays its home games in a dome.

They play in a dome and theyre one of the three turf teams remaining.

Figure in at least one game in a dome, and as long as the team avoids bad-weather cities late in a season, conditions usually are optimal.

The Yankees will play their first four games in domes, then will spend the rest of April in New York, Boston and Chicago.

Eleven league stadiums have it in some form, including six domes.

Another factor is that he rarely plays well in domes, and the game is in the Superdome.

We know the history of dome teams in the postseason, and history is not on the their side.

This weekend a spokesman confirmed that the artefacts would go on show in the first year of the domes new existence as a commercially run arena and leisure centre.

While more risky, yes, this was a kid with a ceiling that no Major League dome could hold.

No starting infielders were with the team last year, and he was among those having trouble adjusting to the infield and dome.

On the other side, Tampa Bays defense will have trouble stopping the Rams on the domes fast track.

I dont like football in domes because it seems like you are looking down at one of those vibrating football games that you used to have when you were a kid.

The $22 million facility opened in 1992 and is the worlds largest wooden dome.

The inside stretch includes four home games at the Metrodome and road games at domes in St. Louis and in Indianapolis.

Of course, the game will be in a dome but that just covers game night.

His biggest problem came against speed rushers, especially in the two games the team played in domes.

They play home games in comfy domes, and they have few brutal outdoor road games in December.

Countless rug burns and torn knee ligaments later, they tried to make amends by vacating the dome for a retro stadium.

He was playing a game of dominoes on the second level in the second level bleachers in the stadium inside the dome when he calmly got up.

Oakland had the ball deep in its territory and the home faithful were roaring in the Colts noisy dome.

The three dome shaped anti-matter reactors were visible at the back of the room though a radiation resistant window.

The left and right diaphragm appear as sharply marginated domes.

Its socket end is shaped like an octagonal dome.

Its satisfying to look through this tiny window onto the chain of primal shapes: a loopy dome, an animal figure, a snake.

Some are just attractive domes with openings to hold the lamp so that only the slight flickering can be seen while the dome protects it from wind.

One was in contact with the substratum, and the other formed a dome within the marginal ossicles, thus creating a body cavity.

It had a dome shaped head with three eyes, each glowing softly.

There was a glass bubble on top, forming a dome over half of the second level.

The only problem was keeping the pie lids flat, as they tend to form a dome when cooked.

It spread a few feet and stopped, encased in an invisible dome, much like the invisible wall the fireball had hit earlier.

I roared and ran full speed into the dome shaped room.

This is why variations on a spherical shape (such as cylinders, domes, etc.) are often used in space architecture.

When the white faded, there was a dome of dark green energy that was expanding rapidly, destroying anything it came it contact with.

Drainage will then be installed and the playing field will also be shaped so that it takes the form of a low dome which will aid the drainage system.

Their cakes have the charm of iconic line drawings, all elegant right angles and perfect domes and maraschino cherries that might have been placed with a compass.

Satellites and small space stations orbited the planet, along with three moons, one of which was covered in domes and crossed with covered roads to make it somewhat habitable.

The village was much like his own home, a mass of tan-white domes of varied shapes and sizes popping out of the desert ground.

I saw the bare outlines of a haze dome to the west away from the groves (which we like because they seem to more often have thermals than the green areas) into the grass lands.

Dust domes are formed by 9: 30 am.

In the darkening evening the horizon bulged with a dome of fluorescent white light glowing against the black of the sky as the convoy began to arrive.

A natural vault or canopy, such as that of the sky or trees.

When mature, the tree forms a huge dome of massive spreading branches that arch outwards.

The inside of the dome of trees was lit by uncut chunks of glow stones, cast about the edge of the ring of the room and a large one in the middle.

There seemed to be no clouds in any part of the sky and as there is no moon it is quite dark so the celestial dome is very bright.

She looked up suddenly, startling him, and she scrutinized the dome of the sky above her.

To carry the weight of the world is a tiresome thing and, strong though the Titan is, he still strains as he attempts to hold up the great dome of the sky.

The sky was a dome of darkness over their heads, the stars blotted out by a mass of thick, dark clouds.

The only light comes from the moon and the infinite dome of stars.

I could see we were quickly approaching a large dome of cypress trees ahead and still descending.

Interrupted by just the squat Marble Mountains, we sit insignificantly at the hub of a huge disc of sand curving to every horizon, beneath a dome of stars and the ghostly light of a thin crescent moon.

He glanced around, the great dome of the black sky looming ominously over him.

About a mile away from the road and surrounded by fields its very quiet and the tall trees create a dome letting through a mere dapple of sunlight.

The sky was a dome of palest glass, and the sun sparkled on the snow, and everywhere was a purity and brilliance almost beyond bearing.

He represents her seated on a state throne whose canopy simulates the dome of the sky while at her feet, two lions rest on guard.

The last three miles go fast, and the canyon opens up to a crepuscular dome of sky.

Thick grey paint has been spilled over the dome of sky.

It was calmer under the trees dome of protection.

The navy sky forms a dome above and the tree sway slightly in the breeze, a living barrier against the horizon.

Beneath the great dome of the sky, the world is still loathe to wake as it clings desperately to the fragments of dreams that it has all but lost with the dawn.

She looked up and noticed that the tree branches formed a dome, open at the top.

A rounded uplifted landform or underground structure.

In the north Gjallar Ridge, fault patterns above the dome suggest activity before Paleocene time.

The late-stage lava coulees and domes are most evolved.

The youngest domes of Taapaca Volcanic Complex crop out on its eastern and southern borders.

The dome is a vast basin formed when a meteorite hit the earth some two billion years ago.

In the distance to the east, partially shrouded in Atlantic Ocean mist, rise a series of rounded granite domes.

a content face topped by a shaved dome

And it is this shape of his dome combined with his height that gives him the majestic aura.

The cover is dominated by a shot of Hayes monolithic bald dome, every pore seeming to ooze with the essence of the genius who created the music that lies within.

Shaving your dome only takes a few minutes and you dont need to do it every day (two to three times a week is sufficient).

He ran his hands over the smooth dome of his head and checked the line and cut of his suit.

This gentleman is every bit as frightening as Darth Vader, complete with cape, dark red jumpsuit, and a bear-trap maw topped by a tattooed white dome.

We went through the revolving door and found ourselves in a stately pleasure dome.

The difference is that millions of peons didnt have to go blind or stooped financing Caesars, or the MGM Grand, or Wynns stately pleasure domes.

His thoughts kept worming their way back to Ganymede – the pleasure dome.

They adjoin the Alhambra Palace, those stately pleasure domes that the Nasrid caliphs decreed should represent paradise on earth.

When I did eventually tear myself away from my padded pleasure dome I found everything I wanted on my doorstep.

(of stratified rock or a surface) become rounded in formation; swell.

There is no evidence of any previous doming, and the fault geometry indicates that the rift formed as a result of horizontal extension perpendicular to the rift axis.

The sharpest doming overlies the hottest region and is about 100 km wide.

In this model, doming over the mantle plume would lead to extension and generation of small rift grabens.

If the doming is contemporaneous with non-coaxial deformation on the Main Central Thrust, it is unusual that the flanks of the domes have a consistent dip in all directions resulting in a perfectly symmetrical dome-shape in each case.

During these ash-flow eruptions, doming in the Silverton and Lake City areas was accomplished through faulting, leaving a series of partially overlapping structural features that resulted from different eruptions.

During resurgent doming, volcanic sediments and postcollapse lavas filled the calderas, resulting in concentric and radial fracturing of the rocks marginal to and within the domal uplift.

The origin of this unconformity has been related to major European plate tectonics linked to thermal doming and exposure in the North Sea, along with uplift in many other areas of Europe.

In addition, broad-scale thermal doming or the influence from a hotspot can cause additional mantle drag that may combine in a constructive or destructive way with existing drag.

As the seismic data demonstrate, the Eocene deformation, which is characterized by the continuous doming of the Early Tertiary High relative to the Voorne Trough, was accompanied by reverse reactivation of major Mesozoic faults.

Add still more crushed ice so that it domes slightly over the top of the glass.

The reflectors display a lateral sheet-form with a slight doming of the seafloor (350 m in relief over 20 km extent) suggesting a subtle mound.

They noted that a broadening of the apex precedes doming, although this observation was not quantified.

The crenulation is thought to post-date movement on the Main Central Thrust, and was probably caused by doming of the window.

The Arctic Region became landlocked in Jurassic times largely as a result of North Sea doming.

The spatial and temporal coincidence between basalt eruption and continental rifting, as well as regional doming prior to eruption, suggest that continental break-up was a response to the Late Permian Emeishan plume.

The top of the clear block is very slightly domed, as if held by surface tension; it renders the concrete floor beneath it so vivid it seems magnified.

The ore-bearing veins have been intruded as open-space fillings along a series of regional fractures believed to have been created by regional doming at the end of the Carboniferous Period.

Early 16th century (in dome (sense 3 of the noun)): from Latin domus; other senses are via French dôme, from Italian duomo cathedral, dome.

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