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Wow, I am really impressed with this light yellow variety. It blooms VERY early, about the same time as Nova and Roselette. It is a full double and once it opens, the flower has a high crown almost like a dome shape form. It has great substance. In spite of the thunderstorms that I have had in the past 2 days, the flower petals were not damaged by the rain and the stem holds up well for such a big bloom. Due to the rain, I was not able to smell the bloom.

Karen, great to see another top notch yellow peony. I did not get what good substance mean in the descriptions of some peonies, so could you explain?

The petals having good substance means that they were not damaged, bruised, or blemished by the heavy raindrops. They also help up well in the storm meaning they did not shatter. I have some peonies whose flower petals substance is so thin and delicate that they get affected by rain esp. heavy rain that they dont recover after being exposed to it. Unfortunately, although Vanilla Schnapps holds up well in the rain, it does not tolerate heat and humidity well. The petals became flaccid under todays temp of 80+F and high humidity.

Peonyplan, here is an example of poor substance. This is Petticoat Flounce after a light rain. Look at the guard petals. They have spots you can see through from the rain.

LG, thank you for showing an example. It is good that some experienced people explained it in details to me. I originally thought good substance means the petals are thick and stiff.

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