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Set the load density. Smaller values load and display faster. Reopen the file to load at new density.

Adjust the slider to auto-switch the files

by ALT (OPTION on Mac OS X) + Double-Clicking anywhere on the point cloud.

Change your world units so that for-scale object sizes are still relevant

Perspective camera provides a 3D view, while orthographic and top-view cameras provide an ortho views

Take view back to its initial state

Changing Field of View provides interesting effects, only applies to Perspective Cameras

Choose alternate ways of viewing data

Measurement segments currently in view area

Higher values make elevation deltas more apparent

Color gradient values used for Heightmap Color and Classification color sources

Color modulators, modulation can be played with

How much of intensity to blend with color

Narrow down on a range of intensity values, only applies to intensity values fetch from point source

Enable an Inundation Plane and manipulate it using a slider

The following data files are to be credited by their original source

Autzen Stadium –Aaron Reyna,Watershed Sciences, Inc.

St. Helens –Howard Butler,Hobu, Inc.. USGS LiDAR + NAIP.

Half Dome –Howard Butler,Hobu, GS LiDAR + NAIP.

Space Shuttle — Data courtesy of the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers,Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory.

Cedar Falls, IA University Ave — Iowa DOT

The data doesnt appear to be in a projected coordinate space.

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