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Plate and Frame Filters

The plate and frame filter design is the standard in basic process depth filtration in applications across various industries includingcosmeticfood & beverage. Plate and frame filter presses provide the lowest cost of filtration per unit of fluid processed. ErtelAlsop offers specific filter designs, with unique features for flow rates ranging from large volumes to pilot plant and laboratory scale filtration.

Our plate and frame filters are manufactured using our superior internally ported design offering a number of benefits over external porting. Internal ports allow for a greater choice of filter media in a broad range of material and thickness, including pads, paper and cloth. In an internally ported filter press the filter media itself works as the gasket, eliminating concerns over gasket-product compatibility. With no need to change gaskets, you save time, money and labor. Plate and frame filters with internal ports are also inherently more sanitary since there can be no cross-contamination of O-rings from batch to batch due to product holdup.

Larger cake accumulation results in longer filtration cycles and even more importantly, the ability to achieve efficient washing of the cake to recover valuable product for further processing. Product recovery via cake washing is one of the major economic benefits of using plate and frame filter presses.

ErtelAlsop plate and frame filter units are designed to accommodate a wide range of components. These include sludge inlet frames for cake accumulation, dividing heads for multiple-step/one-pass filtration, sanitary fittings, special piping and gauges as well as pumps and motors to meet a wide range of applications. For filtration/separation processes where a sealed, vapor-tight environment is desired, ourVapor-Masterenclosed plate and frame filter press is the answer.

EFS Series 12 inch square, cart mounted plate and frame filter.

EUS-400 Series 16 inch square, designed for mid-range batch sizes.

Letre Series 24 & 36 square, plate and frame filters.

BevExpress 40 cm x 40 cm Beverage Press 40 cm square, NORYL plates, for Wineries and specialty brews.

BioClean Filter Plates Ideal for all sanitary and ultra-clean depth filter applications.

Typical filter press applications include:

Pharmaceuticals and Biological Filtration

Filtration of Wine and fruit juices

20 cm x 20 cm Filter Press including Pump

40 cm x 40 cm Multi-Sheet Beverage Filter

AccuScale Bench Scale Plate and Frame Filter

Diamond Series Plate and Frame Laboratory Filter

EFS 12 Plate and Frame Filter Press

EUS 16 Plate and Frame Filter Press

Letre Series 24 and 36 Plate and Frame Filters

Vapor Master Enclosed Plate and Frame Filter Press

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Product testing is always available either at your facility, through our network ofdistributors,or at our in-house laboratory.

As with all ErtelAlsop presses,filter mediais available for any application and/or operating condition, and is chosen based on your specific operating conditions. ErtelAlsop offers the widest varieties of filter media and construction techniques to provide good particle retention, clear filtrate, high flow rates, and dry filter cakes.

ErtelAlsop is an innovator in the manufacturing of depth filter media and machinery for liquid filtration since the 1920s, and is your one source for all depth filtration and liquid processing products. ErtelAlsops customer base is filled with clients who have been buying from us for over 80 years.

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