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Pop up ads – How do I get rid of them? Prevent

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Latest replyon Jun 5, 2014 10:34 AM by noveskechainsaw

Pop up ads – How do I get rid of them? Prevent them?

Recently I have been getting pop up ads on my phone and they are driving me crazy when I am trying to do something important. I have already deleted all of the recent apps that I installed to see if that helped and I still have the ads. I would appreciate knowing how to remove and prevent them.

I had the same problem once and had to perform a factory reset, which resolved the issue. Not sure if it will work but you may want to try is clearing the cache partition after uninstalling the apps? You can do this by turning your phone off, then holding down the volume up, home and power buttons at the same time, then releasing the power button once you see the Note 3 logo and it will take you to the recovery screen. Volume down to the wipe cache partition and press your power key. This will not wipe your phone, instead it clears all the temporary system data.

It can be a pain to track down where they are coming from if they originate from some spammy app you downloaded. Its possible you just got some kind of drive by infection too from a website. Do you suspect a particular app caused this? Where did you get the app? Did it happen before downloading a certain app? Where are the ads showing up? In the notification bar? In the web browser? What ads are being pushed? Got screenshots?

I tried the cache clear but it did not solve the problem. Hope not to have to factory reset and have to set everything up again…ugh….

They are in the nature of download this app or top apps of the day to download. All of the apps I have came from google play store. I deleted everything I had downloaded alredy but the ads remain. I had downloaded several games. One that came up right now says heroes of camelot!, Play, No thanks.

This app may help you if you read the qualifyers. However if not needed you can just hold the ad notification to see what app is causing the issue.

Now I got one that says Android System diagnosit scan in process System in danger and then goes to another that says the page at says andriod system errors detected! pres ok to start the scannign process.

i would try electors suggestion, or then use a virus scanner app. to be honest though, if it were me, at this point, id just do a factory reset. you will lose anything thats not on the sd card though.

If you know how to enable your routers logging system and the ads pop up during a Wi-Fi sesion you could also use that for some clues as to where they originate. I agree try Electors solution but a factory reset at this point may be the fastest way to get rid of this issue instead of spending even more time trying to track down what app caused it. Thats probably not what the OP wants to hear but its what Id do then in the future scrutinize every single app you ever download in the future even if it comes from the Play Store. Read all the reviews, Go to and read each review for any signs of funny business and if you do choose to install an app inspect each of the permissions and if it looks the least bit questionable just pass on that app. If it doesnt have reviews yet then add it to your wishlist and come back to it at a later time when its been heavily reviewed and sometimes youll find the app has even been pulled from the store for the type of nonsense youre experiencing. Also disable JavaScript in your web browsers to reduce the chance of getting drive-by infections which are becoming more and more popular even at reputable web sites thanks to ad code injection. If a web site cant be read without JavaScript then its not worth reading. Best of luck!

Neeceeusa lets make certain that we get your phone running smoothly again! Fill us in on the details and well get right to work! When did you notice the pop up adds started? Have you recently downloaded any new applications? Try running the device in Safe Mode to see if an app is causing the errorsAshleyS_VZWFollow us on Twitter @VZWSupport