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CRpuzzles Crossword Puzzles are designed at the medium-to-hard solving level of a daily newspaper crossword puzzle. The user-friendly online solving tool makes this traditional puzzle favorite a pencil-less, eraser-less pleasure to do.

Comic guys, it pays to be smart, and heart of Dixie.

Young Billy, old buddies, and Where arent you, Idi Amin?

Star study, loose lips, and magician mumbo jumbo.

An old hat, some sweets, and advice for the road.

Les femmes, in between, and on the streets.

A bad place to live (so they moved), a great place to live (so they say and stay), and a place where nobody lives (almost).

Alternate clues: Tom Hulce signature role, a goalie who cant stop a shot, and she has a great portfolio.

Near Philly, the lightbulbs come on, and I want to be alone.

Alternate clues: Satan, the Corsican brothers, and an Olympic city twice over.

You snooze you lose (months), Our country, right or wrong man in action, and Dominique Swain plays it perfectly.

Fifth Amendment provoker, quadruple lutz leaper, and South Wing builder.

An NHL star or two, an Istanbul thing or two, and a list or two.

Heavy air, 007 Honey, and Home, Sweet Home

The names the same, our favorite film about our favorite game, and the fast lane.

All up front: eeEeeeeEeeeEEeeEeeeeEe EeeEeeeeEeeeEeeeeeeee.

Wockyless, around the Bend, and the Father of Invention (in more ways than one).

Alternate clues: Land Down Under oddity, Lashers creator, and The Red-Headed League author.

Good neighborhoods, in Dallas, and 8.

One kind of bridge, one place to look, and one part of Yugoslavia thats still part of Yugoslavia.

Bull Durhambeauty, Batmens Boss, and Robin, too.

Three who go bowl-ing, 40% off, and nearly Down Under.

Sweet meat, a little at a time, and short of a dollar.

Sorry, George, the Pet Shop on Backstreet is closed.

Gunpowder guy, tis better to give, and go Clark go.

Cubs managers, Cannes do, and …………………………. oh!

Court time, men on a mission, and Amadeuss hometown

In toto, co-stars, and a few other clues we dashed off.

Signature roles, conflicting emotions, and various Nice things.

To mark the occasion of CRpuzzles 100th Crossword, we give our solvers a puzzle with regular, everyday words (mostly) and common-knowledge clues (mostly) and no tricks (okay, a few)– just like the 99 puzzles that precede it.

At the movies, at the Shore, and at the last.

Alternate clues: Whirlaways rider, St. Louiss famous sight, and ArnoldsEraserco-star.

Not our favorite cartel, Zorbas not-so-little boy; and not just one-hit wonders.

Ka-ching, it takes two, and in post-Death Valley Days days.

The man behind the desk at 36 Quai des Orfevres, Natasha in the flesh, and Dr. Mrs. Dr. (or something like that) Crane.

Earth to Major Tom, Big Brother (and the Holding Company) is watching you, and definitely not the cheap seats.

Star bright, a sometimes endless do, and left and right before your very eyes.

The MacGuffin Man, two pre-Original Originals, and Stern would have made great threesome.

Metallica, Poe, and sundry co-stars.

Lerner & Loewe, and Ive got rhythm– but the worst ventriloquist in the history of television never did.

Alternate definitions: bobbled the ball, Las Vegas venue, and where the world shops.

John D. Rockefeller, Cain and Abels little bro, and Pandora at work.

Fathers, state nicknames, and CRpuzzles hometowns celebrity (no, not Edward Norton).

Walking through the Great Wall of China,Goodbye, Columbusboys, and, Ironically, how we can tell theyre from north of the border.

A little Ron Howard, Kurt Weill, and a lotta Down Under.

Strange painters, the Puzzle Palace, and the stars come out in April

X or O, high fliers, and role playing.

Imports, a Roberts or two, and good, mean fun.

Jesse and company, Mary or Flo, and the Wild Blue Yonder

They made the songs, the songs they made, and the song she made that made her name.

Alternate clues: Cookies pop, wandering aimlessly, and an Arnold action movie.

Popeye–not!, Hersheys Kiss–not!, and First of the Mohegans–really, yes!

A couple of plants, a couple of redos, and a couple who getaway.

Get Along Little Dogies, shaking hands (figuratively), and the Land of the Blue Crab.

Calling Rowdy Roddy Piper, a cool hiding place, and finale,North by Northwest.

A movie with the Coreys, a super inventor, and sundry affairs.

Alternate clues:Ryeantihero, 1931 Nobel Peace Prize winner Jane, and Randle P. McMurphy state.

Drop and give me …, Pres. Ace Ventura, and 10 Also Known Ass.

___-words, a cast or two, and a few questionable clues.

Middle class, lower class, and no class.

He loved that rascal Puff, Anse and Cash and Jewel and Vardaman who loved his mother the fish, and Double Features for movie lovers.

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding-ding, C. K. phone home, and Do you wanna be in pictures?

Alternate clues: Cherbourg gear, Peg Bundys hair, and Davids care.

Hits; hits, again; but hardly hit at all.

An herb or two, a family vacation spot (or two), and New York, too.

Take It Easy guys, Says me, Give me your …

A big rock, a big voice, and big on the balance beam.

Happy Days are here again: a blast (or so) from the past–and from even longer ago than that.

All right, a few tricks–nothing to worry about, youll still clean up.

A Tony Manero demonstration, a wise place to vacation, and flying bluebirds destination

A Sly nibble, a Walter Brennan original, and spy vs. spy.

Wise guys, signs, and people, people, people.

Crime watch, the go-to guy, and a hat to dance for.

Lois & Clark, some big names, and a couple of people? from out of this world.

Substitute definitions are Rte. 66, Madam, Im Adam, andNobodys Fool

A couple of First Ladies, Olympians, and pure gold.

Looking good, getting in, and apples pro and con.

Alternative clues are Lily Tomlin prop, nickname for Col. George W. Goethals great achievement, and Ferdinand Waldo DeMara, Jr.

Mercury rising, monsters lurking, and a Superhero (sort-of) to save the day.

A stereotype (well, 99%), someone looking to get booted, and alternatives aplenty.

A grungy rock group, Alex among some grungy characters, and other grungy stuff.

A couple of co-stars, a couple of Walkers, and a couple of parades.

Tall and tan-snap; Hot stuff–snap; Ed in a skimpy bathing suit–dont snap.

Cases for Philip Marlowe and Inspector Alan Grant, creating chaos on the radio, and the Cleavers at home.

Bad hands, bad finances, and a rock group to match.

A football film (sort of), old folk dancing (the dance is old, not the folk), and how to treat sore feet.

Champions rider, a racing champion, and champions of the 70s.

A white knight, a big blow up, and a novelist whos no phony.

Lilith, one way west, and some fightin words.

The definitive 007, a writer who defined the Western, and people with definite opinions.

Falling down, lifting up, and a complex, ever-changing game of chance

An actress who won fame in an automobile, an e-business star wholl help sell your automobile, and two Presidents who dont have automobiles named after them.

A Pretty Woman, a Womans champion, and a floral greeting any woman would love to get

A city iron built, a city Down Under, and the heart of the City of Light

Oops!, young whippersnapper, and the stuff of legends

Benjamin Braddock comes of age, coming of age in the Catskills, and what its all about

Kansas gamers, Cyclone tamers, and three Hall-of-Famers all in a row

A little video, a hand or two of cards, and money to burn–oh what luck!

Zee king, opponents for the Kings, and The King, baby

They make you see red, they always had red ones, and red, etc.

A fantastic fun festival, a tars tar, and some silky stuff

A big hit for Faith Hill, five big cheeses, and a bunch of not-so-big words

Birds non-Hitchcockial, Plant and pals non-vegetable, and a little help non-psychological

A Bailey Barrister, Bugs Bunny, and Bus Stop whodunit

A super songstress, a super Golden Oldie, and the Super Bowl champs

A giant of the ancient world, a place for Viking greats, and an all-time Giant great

Todays substitutes are Bruce Willis, Salma Hayek, and Wally Cleaver

Becketts no-show, Courtneys TV beau, and Lets Go!

A unique way to go and a unique place to go– with a few annoyances along the way

A song full of hope, a ring to hope for, and a couple of hopeful people

Lemmon & Matthau and that certain look

Eats a little, sleeps a little, and remembers the smooth sounds of times gone by

A movie you cant refuse, the stereotypical brother-in-law, and a

A hitmaker, an incredible ride, and a couple of dusty places

Kaboom!, Wow! I cant believe it!, and a couple of places not to be

A little welcome heat, a little unwelcome heat, and Sgt. Friday at work

Watergate place, a Wimbledon champ, and Mike Ditka

A Blues great, a spaceman, and a country by any other name

A vocal artiste, a rocker or two, and a band for the ages

A Yankee, a gangster, and a poet or two

A bad golfer, a funny feather, and the author of a saying or two

A vampire, Sandy speaks, and a singer or two