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replacement car definition English

replacement car meaning, replacement car definition

If you refer to the replacement of one thing by another, you mean that the second thing takes the place of the first.

…the replacement of damaged or lost books.

hormone replacement therapy2n-countSomeone who takes someone elses place in an organization, government, or team can be referred to as their replacement.

Taylor has nominated Adams as his replacement…

If a woman has hormone replacement therapy, she takes the hormone oestrogen, usually in order to control the symptoms of the menopause. The abbreviation HRT is often used.n-uncountusu N nreplacement value

The replacement value of something that you own is the amount of money it would cost you to replace it, for example if it was stolen or damaged.Translation English Cobuild Collins Dictionary

replacement valuehormone replacement therapyreplacement valuereplace

Collaborative Dictionary English Cobuild

oliviercure2on 10/09/2017 class=optnsO onclick=ecm(this); eid=3836175 tgtl=1033 srcl=1033 eo=000000 uid=1088555 /

of a rail transport service (tram, subway, train) with a bus

[Neologism] from bus and substitution

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To position ones self, or an object like your rusty old

, in a place that is not only open and clearly visible to all, it is unavoidably in just about everyones way.

[Slang] You cant miss him, hes over there, parked in his POS Volvo, smack dab in the middle of the road! source : Urban Dictionary

Quentyon 27/04/2015 class=optnsO onclick=ecm(this); eid=3166574 tgtl=1033 srcl=1033 eo=000000 uid=645854 /

, i.e. a single dome with rotating lights inside. Thus nicknamed because of its resemblance with bubblegum machines.

[US];[Coll.] Syn. bubble gum machine, gumball machine.

billyboyon 22/01/2015 class=optnsO onclick=ecm(this); eid=3162935 tgtl=1033 srcl=1033 eo=000000 uid=157658 /

business operating in a real world not on the internet : like a department store, a

see : click and mortar : a business that combine new technologies and traditional business

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