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The definite live map extension for any Rust server.

„Very useful plugin! A must have for any server owner! -XsV=Tool

„Perfect! Thank you for making the game more enjoyable. -Cenk

„This plugin adds high value to the overall RUST experience! Thank you for making and sharing this masterpiece. -No4h

„Easiest, Simply, Best. Perfection. -DraDeC

„Best Map Tool. Ever. Ever! -GER-hayabusa

„Great! A must have for any server 😉 -TheRotAG

„Works perfect. Now i have my map online for my players. Thx. -MuR3

„If you are an admin of a server, you got to have this! Coolest mod I have seen! -cottoncandy

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Apart from server names, you may also search by type and country:

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For even more precise results, you may also use:

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Servers with a map size of 4000 to 5000

Servers running the HapisIsland level

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