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Get opinions on whats going on with your sexual health. Not sure if what youre feeling is normal? Worried about something? Learn how to handle it!

The world seems to revolve around pregnancy when you are pregnant. There are special parking places at some establishments, free samples…

Am I Allergic to Sex? The Taboo Health Topic

People with severe allergies have a difficult time having safe sex with their partners. Often times, hormonal contraceptives cannot be…

The Concept of Virginity Does Not Exist

Lets start at the very beginning. A lot of people believe that when a womans hymen breaks it means that they are no longer virgins. As…

The Misinformed Idea of Gender as a Choice

The doctor (Dr. Money) who created this idea that we pick our gender was a fraud. In the 1960s he had a boy regendered as a girl…

The Hymen and Your First Time: You Do Not Have to Feel Pain or Bleed!

By Caitlin M. aka MlleCake Sexual Health Educator, Sexuality Lecturer The strangest thing happened to me when I was a teenager. I had…

Lets Talk About Anal… FemalePerspective Anal

This was requested by a friend, I thought this would be a great opportunity to make an ass out of myself for the online community to…

Lets Talk About Your Penis… ErectileDysfunction PenisSize

1) Does penis length, width and shape matter? YES: A) Crooked: A penis may be crooked and angled upwards which naturally rubs a girls…

Do you remember to wash your hands before touching a womans vulva or putting fingers in her vagina?

The germs on your hands and under your fingernails can actually cause an infection like bacterial vaginosis, UTI, etc.

Would date someone who loves your panties?

Ever catch your boyfriend in your panties?

What is an attractive weight for me being 6 foot 3?

Iv been any where between 180 up to 260 and i cant find a point where i am happy profile picture is about 265 ish?

When a girl turns 18 should she be aloud to go with someone older than 38?

Girls have you ever given a handjob?

1. How messy was it? 2. Do you like it when his cum drips all on your hands? 3. How many have you given? 4. Do you lick up after…

How do girls smell like without perfume?

boyfriend and I almost been together for 5 months. And we still havent had sex, will it come naturally? Do you think eventually we will…

Is permanent erectile dysfunction a dealbreaker?

Girls, what happens when you rub your clitoris?

How many times a week should a couple be having sex in order to maintain a happy relationship?

Do you know why its good to have a shower before sexual activity?

Girls you prefer long dick or thick ones?


I was told that I have a mushroom head. Is that a good thing?

Do you like chubby boys? Do you think that you can be satisfied having sex with a chubby boy?

Would you eat something that you knew one of the ingredients was semen?

Should I stop shaving all my pubes off?

I dont know why but I love shaving them all off. But when I do I reminds me of how a baby has it because a girl said it would remind…

If a girl swallows cum when shes pregnant, does it really prevent Morning Sickness?

Virgin Hunters of [email protected] – Are you confused about what the hymen is and how it works?

Guys, what are the best and worst things about having external plumbing?

Why do women want dolphin smoothness?

Interesting and fun science project: Girls have you checked out your guys sperm?

Whats your opinions of rant for sex?

Which of these Christian pastors in the videos makes a better case against contraception?