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Also found in:DictionaryThesaurusIdiomsWikipedia.the urban area formed by the expansion of a town or city into surrounding countrysidethe process by which this has happenedAn unplanned development of open land, usually on the outskirts of a city.

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Write what you mean clearly and correctly.

Involuntarily I glanced backward to discover the origin of this new and menacing note with the result that I missed my footing and went

once more upon my face in the deep muck.

Passepartout, however, thinking no harm, went in like a simple tourist, and was soon lost in admiration of the splendid Brahmin ornamentation which everywhere met his eyes, when of a sudden he found himself

Yet it passed me, gripped Montgomery, and holding him, fell headlong beside him and pulled him

The analysis shows that the urban growth of Tripoli is

Urban expansion assessment by using remotely sensed data and the relative Shannon entropy model in GIS: a case study of Tripoli, Libya

For example, if a citys population increased by five per cent over a decade, while the land area accommodating that population increased by 10 per cent, the city is said to be

Decoding sprawl: Neptis research reveals some surprising ways Canadas urban regions are changing

In 2002, Smart Growth America released Measuring Sprawl and Its Impact, a landmark study that has been widely used by researchers to examine the costs and benefits of

developments on urban travel attitudes have been discussed for the last two decades.

Urban sprawl in mid-sized cities of MENA, evidence from Yazd and Kashan in central Iran

cities experience more than double the rate of extreme heat events in the summer compared with more compact urban areas [EHP 118(10):1425-1428; Stone et al.

Temperatures rising: sprawling cities have the most very hot days

ambitions of local politicians who created the city we see today, who relentlessly pursued amalgamation and transit expansion into the farmlands against any economic or municipal management logic.

Suburbia forever: nothing, it seems, can stop cities from growing ever outwards

He previously lived in Atlanta, where the citys

layout thwarted his desire to be physically active as he went about his daily business.

Weighing in on city planning: could smart urban design keep people fit and trim?

cities need more energy supply systems, more road networks and a lot of land.

As 80% of them changed residence, the researchers were able to check whether people gained weight after they moved to a more

Urban redesign wont make people thin

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