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Star Dome Planetarium

Take a magical trip into the night sky in the

to find the star patterns, or constellations. Discover the myths and legends of the heroes and villains of Ancient Greece through the night sky. Learn how to find the Plough, North Star and Orion in the company of a professional astronomer.

The Star Dome needs to be in a hall 4 metres high and 8 metres across. It can accommodate 35 children plus teachers. The Star Dome costs 440 for a full day or 280 for a half day.

There are three types ofStar Domepresentation:

In a 20 minute presentation the children will be introduced to a group of stars called the Big Bear.The children will have to try to follow Big Bear as he moves across the night sky. Its noisy and great fun!

In a 30 minute presentation, the children will take a magical journey to the stars that can be seen throughout the year. They will hear a story from the myths and legends of Ancient Greece from each of the four seasons.

In a 50 minute presentation, the children will be told the same stories as years 3 and 4 plus they will have a slide show looking at Earth and Beyond. They will be tested on their knowledge with questions such as what causes day and night? and how long does it take the earth to orbit the Sun?

This is a chance for the children to impress their teachers with their knowledge of science!

TheStar Domevisits the following areas: