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The Io-20

The Monolithic Io-20 This dome has the innate ability to resist natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as fire, termites and rot.

Freda Parker•PublishedApril 13, 2009 10:14pm•Monolithic Dome Rentals

Our Io-20 makes an ideal studio rental unit. This Monolithic Dome is an oblate built on a 3.5-foot stemwall. It has a diameter of 20 feet, an overall height of 10.5 feet and a living area of 314 square feet. A few years ago, Monolithic established a successful rental program that includes a complex of Io-20 cottages in a gardenlike setting. Four main reasons account for its success:

For low-income singles, the Io-20s put a clean, affordable roof over their heads.

For the landlord, these small domes provide much needed, but easily managed and maintained rentals.

They are energy-efficient so much so that the cost of electricity could be included in the rental fee.

Because they are Monolithic Domes, the Io-20s have the innate ability to resist natural disasters, such as tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes, as well as fire, termites and rot.

Welcome! Each unit includes a twin bed, kitchen table with two chairs, refrigerator, stove and a microwave.

Just the right amount of space! This is a great place for one or two adults, working singles, newlyweds, retirees, as well as single parents with just one child.

Bathroom includes shower The bathroom has a shower and toilet. This compact bathroom provides privacy with its locking pocket door.

Functional kitchen The kitchen area has plenty of cabinet space.

Dining Area The studios are embellished with ceramic tile floors.

Whoever built that ought to be shot! So said Marilee Byrne the first time she saw a Monolithic Dome. Now, nearly twenty years later, Marilee often recalls that story as she welcomes visitors to her spacious dome home in Italy, Texas, designed by Larry Byrne, Marilees husband and MDIs vice president of marketing and design. The interior of this Monolithic Dome dream home consists of 2660 square feet in three domes, with diameters of 30, 40 and 32 feet.

Being the coinventor of the dome and the founder of the Monolithic Dome Institute has givenDavid B. Souththe opportunity to not only fine tune the building process, but to create a company whose main mission is to make available Monolithic Dome technology to all the world. It is the hope of Monolithic to educate the public about Monolithic Domes and to provide professional services to its customers by creating a successful partnership with them through all phases of their dome design, planning andconstruction.

A Monolithic Dome Workshop is a combination of hands-on training and classroom instruction. Equal time is given to studying dome construction principles in a classroom setting and to applying those principles by actually building a Monolithic Dome.

For your dream dome-home, our library includes floor plans in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. That size-range includes small, cozy cottages, as well as spacious and spectacular castle-like domains and everything in between. But while sizes and shapes may vary, the benefits of a Monolithic Dome home remain constant. In addition to long-range savings, our very green Monolithic Domes provide energy-efficiency, disaster protection and more. This website has tools and hundreds of articles related to dome design. In addition, our staff includes professionals with experience and expertise that can help you design the exact floor plan you want and need.

A Monolithic Dome is now underway on the island on Maui in Hawaii to be used as a theater.

Protecting students in an area at risk for tornadoes is serious business. For this school district, building a storm shelter almost didnt happen.

A familys summer cabin in Northern Arizona offers an escape from the heat of the desert, all inside a Monolithic Dome.

As part of its Saving our World series, Business Insider has featured Monolithic Domes as live-saving structures.

We recently finished another dome builders workshop. Thank you to all who came.