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Decentralized custody for your cryptocurrency.

Vault12 enables you to safeguard your cryptocurrencies, using a cryptographically secure network made up of trusted people and devices. Distributed, decentralized and serverless digital custody for all your cryptocurrency.

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Whether its natural disasters, organized crime rings, lost USB devices, hacked cloud storage accounts,

cryptocurrency exchanges or the very fabric of our computer chips, security is broken.

Decentralized Security To The Rescue.

A new solution is needed, one that does not leave assets centralized in a single place, with a single person or a single organization. One that offers a decentralized way to securely store assets globally and offers protection against the most determined hackers. Introducing Vault12 and the Vault Cryptostorage platform.

Vaults containing your cryptocurrency are assigned to trusted people or devices, known as Guardians. Your Guardians can be adjusted as needed in real-time so that the appropriate number are always guarding your cryptocurrency assets.

No one can access your cryptocurrencies and only you get access when you need it. Everything is secured using a powerful cryptographic algorithm known as Shamirs Secret Sharing, which is so secure that not even an attack via a quantum computer can unlock your assets. You keep your existing wallets and just add them to your vault. Its that easy.

Vault12 uses a powerful form of cryptography known as Hierarchical Threshold Shamir Secret Sharing (H3S) which splits your crypto assets into shards and distributes them across a mesh network of trusted people and devices.

Once encrypted the resulting shards are stored in a mesh information storage (MIST) network of trusted people and devices, known as Guardians, that you invite to secure your vault.

Vaults can store any assets that represent root artifacts of your cryptocurrencies. Be that pre-generated private keys, derivation seeds, QR codes, recovery phrases or even hand-written notes any asset of any currency can be stored in your Vault.

Not all of your Guardians need to respond to restore requests – your cryptocurrency assets can be restored fully with only a partial number of Guardians. In the future, you will be able to define exactly what that storage policy is for each vault.

Cryptocurrencies are opaquely stored on a mesh network of devices – which are controlled by you and your trusted circle. You have complete ownership and privacy of your data – Vault12, the company, guardians or anyone else cannot access or see the data.

You will be able to define security policies for adding more than 6 Guardians, assigning high-security Guardians, and defining how many Guardians needed to unlock your assets. For storage, you will be able to define additional members of your mesh network to provide greater resilience, global distribution, and redundancy.