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What does Meals on wheelmean iUrbaDictionary?

The role reversal of Road Dome. Simply put, it is the act of a male traveler carrying out cunnilingus on women motorist.

The act to do 69 whenever among participants is confined to a wheel seat.

A police officer (piggy) just who rides a bike and annoys the fuck out of young ones at skateparks because he has either done all their donoughts and contains no black males to go bother or he really wants to flash their expert around to a lot of those who will hate him usually.

The work of drawing off a man in a wheelchair.

A fat individual (man or woman) that is riding in a car, on a bike, or in virtually any car.

a site for seniors that 14 yr old robert aka BLONDIE recieves

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a site which meals is delivered to those

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