Domed Sticker

Domed Sticker Online


. Cast an AOE spell that heals your towers for a short period of time to defend against tough waves!

Build a gold stash to establish your base and start defending.

Collect resources with your pickaxe to upgrade your base.

Build towers to defend against zombies.

Build gold mines to generate gold and upgrade your buildings.

Use the Shop to buy weapons and upgrade them.

Gather WOOD and STONE to build your base. Place your GOLD when you are ready – Zombies will now attack at night. Make sure to build GOLD MINES (to generate gold), TOWERS and WALLS to defend against Zombies. With gold, you can upgrade your GOLD STASH, which lets you upgrade your TOWERS & WALLS to become stronger. WIth gold, you can also access the SHOP (B) to buy new PICKAXE and other weapons.

Fawkes, Fawkes, Fawkes, Fawkes

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