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75 Creative Graduation Photo Ideas

Ideas and Inspiration for Every Occasion Shutterfly

All the cramming for exams, late nights studying, and early mornings running to get to class on time has finally paid off. Graduation day is the culmination of a dream that deserves to be captured in a perfect picture that lets everyone share in your accomplishment. It can be difficult to distinguish yourself from the other grads with a unique photo. But, not to worry, we collected 75 graduation photo ideas to help educate you on how to take the standard look and make it your own.

From classic poses to decorating your cap, these graduation picture ideas will help you find your style. After emulating the graduation picture that suits you best, pick out somegraduation cardsto show off your accomplishments to your friends and family. For a little extra inspiration, be sure to check out oursenior photo ideasandgraduation cap ideasfor the full experience.

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This pair of happy grads add a tiny bear to the festivities in this celebratory on campus photo.

Capturing that perfect moment when caps are thrown in the air, makes a carefree and joyous graduation photo idea.

A close up on the tassel is a perfect way to say that shell never forget the friends that helped her get here.

Photo Credit:Rachel Ardella Photography

Sometimes the most class spirit can come from the smallest element of the graduation regalia, the tassel.

Symbols are important and one popular graduation photo idea is to focus in on the tassel as a testament of the big day.

This grad shows pride and school spirit by posing with statues of the school mascot in her grad photo.

Photo Credit:William Ames Photography

Looking for a canvas to tell a message of class pride? Surprisingly, this graduation photo uses her shoes.

Photo Credit:Tiffany Ellis Photography

One excellent graduation photo idea is to find a way to incorporate iconic art on campus.

A wonderful photo idea for the graduating couple is to be caught horsing around in graduation garb.

This grad uses glitter to spice up a graduation photo and show how the winds of change are blowing.

Glitter gives a little magic to this graduation photo.

This photo idea of incorporating some bubbly shows off the ebullience of the effervescent grad.

Photo Credit:Alexandra Galbreath Photography

They dont let the somber gowns keep them down in this fun grad photo idea which has grads climbing the walls.

This smart grad poses with a pile of textbooks to show the kinds of classes she conquered.

Great graduation photo ideas can be as simple and clear as this one of a young man outside looking toward the future.

Photo Credit:East Orlando Photography

This grad shows off a new graduation suit by ditching the gown.

Create your own regalia, in this case balloons are the perfect way to show a grad is about to lift-off.

Photo Credit:Lindsey Black Photography

Feeling limited by regalia? This grad chooses a red dress, a stunning site on campus, and a cap to tell her graduation story.

Photo Credit:Photo by David A. Smith/ DSmithImages

A serious side can show determination, like in this young grads determined face.

Photo Credit:aByrdseyephoto Productions

Cleverly placed bubble gum makes for a happy graduation picture.

Photo Credit:Anne Schilling Photography

Library time pays off in this smart graduation photo idea.

Photo Credit:Ashley Griffin Photography

By wearing the same color dress under her robe, this grad lets her studio photograph capture her style as well as her academic prowess.

To use a plain white studio background is a superb grad photo idea when looking for a timeless quality.

Hes outta here! This creative grad photo idea shows a man in motion and feeling like hes in midair.

This pensive moment captures the grad in thought, and making it black and white adds to the composition.

Taking a graduation photo in the woods makes a nice contrast from the formality of the standard regalia.

Its pure joy for this grad caught smiling on the steps.

Theres every reason to smile for this graduate photo taken outside in front of a stately hall.

Photo Credit:Tarango Photography & Design

This photo idea uses a framing device and slanted composure to capture the happy grad.

Seeking the soul of a graduate can mean picturing them while participating in a passion like playing guitar.

Photo Credit:Mark Bugnaski Photography

Images may be more grown up than they appear. This clever metaphor for a seniors maturity catches him in the rearview mirror.

Whatever a senior loves can definitely be the subject of a great photo. This one takes the drums out of the garage and puts them in a beautiful setting for an exceptional shot.

Photo Credit:Leif Brandt Photography

Love the links? This dynamic shot of a golfing senior shows him at play.

A bridge in the country serves as a serene setting for this graduation photo.

The cascading light captured in an open green field creates a harmonious graduation photo idea.

Urban settings with exposed brick give a graduation photo some splendid atmosphere.

Photo Credit:Suzanne Neace Photography

Finding a bright spot on campus makes this glad grad seem to glow.

This hilariously posed photo shows that you dont just have to sit and smile to take a great graduation photo.

Using signs as props is an increasingly popular way to express feelings in graduation photos. Dont forget to thank those that helped you accomplish your educational dreams.

A nice sunny spot makes a perfect place to celebrate – in the right light even this parking lot makes an ideal grad photo venue.

Go bears! The mascot carries a featured role in this graduation photo idea.

Wearing a fashion forward dress under her gown makes this grad jump for joy.

Drab long dark gowns are not always that flattering. This grad goes just for the mortarboard and allows her own style to shine through.

Photo Credit:Claire Diana Photography

An urban background is a perfect way to show an up and coming career in a grad photo.

A gorgeous fountain background is the ideal setting to show off the accomplishments of a grad.

This grads well-dressed cap makes for a perfect photo and she cant help but show how elated she is!

The regalia of graduation is traditional, therefore capturing the classic motorboard and scarf is a classic way to celebrate in a photo.

This grad finds a lovely view of greenery from a stone balcony as the background for her graduation photo.

Full regalia isnt necessary to make a wonderful graduation photo. Just wear your cap and dress up nicely to make a statement.

Grad photo ideas dont have to be boringthis fun shot shows the personality of the graduate.

Its the light in this grads eyes and the limitless sky above her that makes this a great graduation photo.

Photo Credit:Michel Edens, all rights reserved

This great grad photo idea captures the graduate from the back with a gown slung over one shoulder in a statement that says there is no looking back.

Photo Credit:Paige Vaughn Photography

Rock on! This shot of pure joy has the beauty of the campus in the background.

Photo Credit:Paige Vaughn Photography

Peace, love, and graduation come front and center with this clever graduation photo idea.

All along the clocktower, this grad photo idea captures an iconic building on campus.

From this angle the cap really feels like its in flight in this great grad photo.

The juxtaposition of a graduation gown in an open field at twilight is beautiful.

A class ring and tassel are not just accoutrements, they symbolize the hard work and dedication that led to this moment. Highlighting them is a great grad photo idea.

A nice suit can make a perfect graduation gift to set up the ideal photo.

This graduate looks ready to get to work when matched with a corporate-looking background.

This classic studio shot is a perfect graduation photo to share with family and friends.

Traditional graduation photos in a studio, like this one, are a wonderful way to create a family heirloom.

A nice grad picture idea is to catch a tipped hat from above and feature the tassel, like in this photo.

Photo Credit:Maryel and Rob Photography

Having a diploma in hand adds grounding to a graduation photo studio session.

A stately studio session captures the graduate in all their glory.

This senior photo is a classic studio pose with the addition of the grads love for basketball.

The serious basketball-playing senior calls out to be captured on the court.

Photo Credit:Scott Martinez Photography

This grad finds the fountain on campus for a cool refreshing photo.

Take a group photo with friends for you to treasure forever.

Photo Credit:Carolyn Marie Photography

Snap a photo of the new graduates right after the ceremonies so that their smiles are fresh!

Photo Credit:Stephanie Bough Photography

One of the most memorable graduation photos is the one showing them actually graduate.

Photo Credit:PVG Graduation Photography

The look of excitement and nervousness is palpable in this graduation photo.

Photo Credit:Melissa Kelly Photography

You can get much more candid than this graduation photo that was snapped from the seats during a video call.

Photo Credit:Melissa Kelly Photography

The smiling faces of the grads will tell you the best time to snap a photo for their graduation album.

Photo Credit:Melissa Kelly Photography

A young, sunglasses-wearing grad gazes out into his future.

Try to capture the emotions of the parents as well as the graduate to get the full story.

Photo Credit:George Pennock Photography

Gather everyone together for a group graduation photo at a scenic location outdoors.

Photo Credit:Sarah Robertson Photography

Get together with your fellow grads and kick for joy on campus.

Use candid graduation photos to help capture those happy smiles.

A great graduation photo with a professor is one-of-a-kind.

Photo Credit:Shaun King, Duke Political Science Communications Specialist

Catch the grads in a congratulatory kiss after the ceremony like this great candid graduation photo.

Photo Credit:Rebecca Keller Photography

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