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Aged Silver Finish

I want to show you how I created an aged silver finish for my cane back chairs that I refinished.

Heres what the finish looks like up close:

To achieve this look, I first painted the chairs with some left-over Behr Premium Plus Ultra (paint and primer in one) in Gulf Winds that I had from another project.

If you want to know how to replace cane webbing, I tell youhow to get startedand thenMiss Mustard Seeddid my feature onhow to replace cane webbing.

When I glaze a piece of furniture, I like to use a brush for the paint, instead of spray paint. That goes doubly for a piece that doesnt have a lot of details. By using a brush, your brush strokes become areas for the glaze to sink into, and you end up with a more natural looking glazed finish.

Since I wanted the chairs to be silver, I had to use spray paint. Thats okay, though, because the spray paint over the brushed primer coat is still going to give me the definition I want.

I used Krylons Metallic Brilliant Silver for the chairs. I like how my reflection shows in the lid.Awesome.

I sprayed several light coats on the chairs, which gave them a nice, shiny finish. Its hard to get the sheen with my camera, but they really are more silver than gray, as they look here.

Next, I used my Valspar Antiquing Glaze.

On the first chair, I slathered it on and wiped it back off.

It took several layers of doing this to get the look I wanted.

I didnt really care for the look. I brushed out the areas, rubbed more on, wiped more off, until I got the look I liked.

Since I was doing the post forMiss Mustard Seed,I wanted a before and after shot of the chairs, so I worked quickly to get one chair completed. I then got sidetracked by my foot surgery, so it was awhile before I worked on chair number two.

When I got back up and moving again, Iforgot what I did the first time, decided to try another method . I used a dry brush technique which really gave me the aged patina I was going for, without all the painting on and wiping off that I did on the first chair.

To dry brush, dip the brush into the glaze and then dabbed it back off on the sides of the bowl or on a piece of paper. You want your brush to be dry. I never had more than this amount on the brush.

You really just want to be very light with the application. Short strokes, in a back and forth motion was all it took. It sure beats all the painting on and wiping back off.

I applied a couple of coats of clear Minwax Paste Furniture Wax. I like to apply the wax with an old brush to get an even coat. Once it dried to a dull finish, I buffed out the wax until it had a nice shine.

I plan on using this same paint technique on my piano! Its quickly moving up my To Do list.

Tell me, does it look like aged silver to you?

Krylon Metallic Spray Paint $3.00 (1.5 Cans Had 1 Can in Stash)

Valspar Antiquing Glaze Stash on Hand

Minwax Paste Furniture Wax Stash on Hand

Total Project Time About 5 hours with drying time

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Hold on folks, this is one long post, but I promise itll be worth it!

We happen to live in a neighborhood with a lot of rentals, so every now and again, someone moves and we are able to find a treasure or two that they leave behind. Case in point. Lovely, isnt it? Ehwhat? Youre not convinced? Come on? []