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Bubble Chart Data Labels

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I have created a bubble chart and it has values for the x axis, values for the y axis and values for the size of the bubbles themselves. I want to add data labels but the label itself to be a different value to the x,y and size of the bubble data.

The data points refer to data about a set of projects and I want the project names to appear next to the data points – not the x values, y values or bubble size values.

Some coding and explanation would be great.

Rob Boveys free XY chart labeler add-in ( usually makes short work of this. Is that something that you can work with?

Mathematics is the native language of the natural world. Just trying to become literate.

Unfortunately I cant use a separate add-in on this – thanks though. Looking for something I can use in alt+f11

Since I use the add-in, Im not that familiar with the actual code for this.

How familiar are you with Excels object model? seems to me that the code should not be overly difficult. Simply assign the appropriate formula string (eg =sheet1!A1) to the formula property of each datalabel object (eg chart(1).seriescollection(1).datalabels(1).formula==sheet1!A1). Put all of that inside of a For…Next/For Each…Next loop (are you familiar with For..Next loops?).

I know I have seen others post similar code for this before. I know that it can be a challenge to wade through search results, but you might try and see if you can find previously posted code.

Its not possible to attach text labels to bubble charts natively; soyou need to use a macroif you cant use an add-in etc….

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