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Bubble Labels (B4

pull-down menu. You can choose Witness, Sample, Photo, Evidence, or a generic Bubble marker to place in your diagram.

To place a bubble marker, select one of the buttons on the toolbox and that type of marker will be displayed in the preview window. You can then edit the values to be shown in the marker. The Witness, Evidence, Photo, and Sample labels are edited by clicking the Up and Down arrows to change the label numbers. The all-purpose bubble text is changed using the standard Windows method of editing text – just click inside the text field and type over the existing text.

Clicking on the Larger and Smaller text icons (near the bottom of the toolbox) changes the text height. The color of the bubble may be changed using the Color Palette button. You are also given the option to bold the text and to Show Arrows attached to the Bubble. You can use the arrow to point at a specific object or point in the diagram.

Select the Bubble Text command from the Text bin on the left-hand toolbox or type b4 on the keyboard.

When the Bubble Text toolbox appears, select the desired bubble type, such as the Photo bubble.

Click on the arrow buttons to enter the number 12 for the photograph number and 1 for the roll number (or click in the text field and type in the numbers.)

Move your mouse pointer into the Drawing Screen and click the left-mouse button once to place the first point of the bubble text arrow leader.

Move your mouse pointer to position the bubble text at the desired location in the diagram and click the left-mouse button to finish placing the text bubble.

As long as the bubble label dialog box is displayed you can continue to place additional bubbles. Click the Close button to finish placing bubbles. Like all floating toolboxes in the program, you can always drag the bubble label toolbox out of the way.