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manufactures custom domed labels for product branding and promotional applications including:

And of course specialty industries like yours.

Equipment decals need to last for years in harsh environments and our polyurethane shield protects your image for use indoors or outside.

Dome labels can take a beating in industrial environments, but the self-healing properties of our urethane shell allows the clear surface to spring back after it has been indented. Our equipment labels withstand low and high temperatures variations from 40 degrees (Fahrenheit) below freezing, up to 140 (F), including no effect from several hours exposure at 300F.

High-quality digital printing permits 3-5 years outdoor use without fading. The labels are impervious to water, salt sprays, most cleaning chemicals, and can withstand short exposures to gasoline and other automotive chemicals while maintaining their glossy, professional appearance.

Get noticed by having your image stand out from the crowd with a glossy, 3-dimensional look that POPS off the surface to make your logo seen above others.

Our domed labels feature a thick, yet crystal-clear, polyurethane dome laid over flat label stock to create a unique domed look that protects your image with a deep, three-dimensional (3D) look that tapers at the edge to avoid snags or debris.

Dome specializes and custom shapes in any size, shape or color. Your design can include scripted letters domed to the shape of each individual letter or to the shape of your logo. Go ahead and get creative, our professional design department is ready to assist in your creation of the best domed labels, decals, nameplates, tags, stickers and bubbles.