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Most colors can be matched very well. However, the glossy dome surface can shift the look of some colors when being compared to matte finish surfaces. Also, the light can reflect inside of the clear urethane bubble causing adjacent colors to blend into each other in certain lighting conditions. We are happy to produce a domed sample for your review.

Our average production time is around 5 days. Rush orders may be expedited at an additional fee.How much do domed labels cost?

Dome label pricing is very dependent upon size and quantity. However, because of the setup steps necessary for all jobs, the minimum order total is usually around $300 regardless if it is 1 piece or 500 pieces. Size is also very important with 1/2 x 1/2 domes costing pennies while large domes can be hundreds of dollars each. The complexity of the shape also adds to the price with simple circles and round-corner rectangles being the most economical.What type of adhesive should I use?

Your adhesive choice is primarily determined by the surface your dome labels will be mounted to. As a general rule, gloss surfaces may use 1-mil thick adhesive (0.001), lightly textured surfaces should use 2-mils of adhesive (0.002) and most jobs will benefit from 4-mils adhesive.How outdoor durable are domed labels?

Dome Labels feature an outdoor compatible print surface that will not fade; pigmented inks designed for outdoor fade resistance and clear urethane doming material guaranteed not to yellow or lose gloss for 6 years outdoors.Are Dome Labels™ RoHS compliant?

Yes, we use only RoHS compliant urethane doming material.Are Dome Labels™ made in the U.S.A.?

Yes, Dome Labels™ are made in the U.S.A.Can you do consecutive numbering?

Consecutive numbering can be done on most digitally printed jobs. Please discuss with your doming representative to make sure that variable data will work on your job.Can you dome labels that I supply?

We are happy dome labels that you send to us. However, it is important that the ink is compatible with the doming material, the printing surface allows for the adhesion of our polyurethane, labels are cut with clean edges and there is no cut-through into the liner, the liners lay perfectly flat on a table. We recommend sending test labels before printing and discuss your job with our doming experts before production begins.Can I use dome labels on a curved surface?

Dome labels are flexible and can adhere to slightly curved surfaces. Long, skinny labels may work better than small round labels. Discuss your needs with our doming experts to gain the advantage of our years of experience.How thick are dome labels?

Dome labels are typically around 0.07-0.0.1 thick (2-2.5 mm). Small domes (1/4-3/4 wide) tend to have slightly thicker domes. The thickness of the doming material can often be adjusted to be slightly thicker or slightly thinner. Please let us know if you have a preference so that we can adjust your job accordingly.How big and how small?

We have produced dome labels up to 8 x 8 and as small as 1/8. Your cost per square inch usually increases when dimensions are less than 1/2 or greater than 16.——-Please call Dome Label™ to discuss your specific needs. Our sales professionals will help you find cost savings and be able to quote your job while you are on the phone.Talk with a dome label expert now:Call 1.800.866.9378