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Does you company currently have custom made labels that include company logos and colors? Have you ever wanted to have a badge or label of some sort to look more realistic and three-dimensional? If so, your company may have overlooked some of the technologies now being used in the label industry.

Companies just like yours are always looking for new and innovative ways to have their products stand out above the competition. Now you can help your organization by becoming one of those industry leaders who are utilizing new labeling technologies. Label manufacturers can now produceusing several different techniques.

The first way this can be accomplished is by creating a domed nameplate. A domed nameplate is created using a revolutionary technique that presents a visually appealing look that is also pleasing to the touch. An optically clear polyurethane encapsulation radiating over a meticulously printed graphics yields a three-dimensional emblem that will add enhanced value to your product, service, or organization. A custom 3d dome labels construction consists of a liner, adhesive, substrate, printing, and polyurethane dome.

Some of the benefits to this type of label is its durability because it is scratch resistant, will never discolor or yellow, and still visually appealing to potential clients. It is also available in a wide variety of colors and shapes. These domes can be laser cut with 90-degree edges or just have a traditional domed finish. They can be coated to have a matte finish or have a very shiny and vibrant finish. The custom 3d dome labels can be adhered to a wide variety of products.

A badge is another example. A badge is created by allowing any unique shape to be transformed into a contoured three dimensional badge produced in high quality, durable polyurethane. Highly flexible badges can be used on virtually any surface: flat, contoured, or compound without the need or cost of retooling. Badge durability meets the strictest of automotive standards and may be used indoors or outdoors. The construction of a badge consists of a liner, foam adhesive, and part.

Benefits include patented technology, flexibility, resiliency-indoor/outdoorapplications, multiple color choices, ideal injection molding alternative, and provides a professional 3D badge that you cant get out of a label. These badges can be used on signs outside of your organization, in the hallways of your organization, or even on company products that will be shipped to various locations.

A heavy-duty armored nameplate creates an ultra-high definition embossment to provide tactile reference to the logo and complements the complexity and definition of any design. These nameplates are suitable for indoor and outdoor use meeting the strictest of automotive standards. They are also available in multi-colored applications, transparent and opaque inks as well as textured chrome, gold, and silver. These armored nameplates are constructed of with a liner, adhesive, metal, printing, and ultra thin proprietary armor coating.

Benefits include durability, high definition embossment, indoor/outdoor applications, and a wide variety of colors.

Virtually every automotive manufacturer, power tool manufacturer, and motor sport organization in the world is currently using this type of labeling. A lot of other organizations use this type of labeling to market their products at sporting events, concerts, festivals, trade shows, and anywhere you can possibly image seeing an advertisement. Wherever you choose to use these custom 3d dome labels, you should know that these unique labels would have what it takes to catch the eye of your target consumer and give your company the high-end professional look you have been looking for.

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Definitely customized 3d labels add life to logos of our companies. Good techniques are given in this blog. Very informative. Its better to 3d customize our labels with logos for any business.

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