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Best price for your custom 3D domed gloss stickers within the UK. Printed on a white vinyl theyre waterproof and ultraviolet and sun light resistant. We are one of the most cost effective suppliers of the digitally printed stickers with minimum order amount of 20 youd not need to sit on your stock too long before ordering your next batch.

You should know that the 3D stickers are immune to extreme conditions when used outdoor. First of all, theyre characterized by the total resistance to moisture. The polymer compound doesnt allow water to permeate to the print, using the foil as a print material causes the printing of 3D stickers very durable against the moisture to the bottom of the stickers where permanent adhesive is applied.

Another vital feature of 3D domed stickers is their resistance to solar UV radiation. Polyurethanes quality doesnt show any changes in the appearance or the colour of their influence, and, therefore, 3D stickers are often used in direct daylight places and for several years to effectively promote your

Extremely important is the fact that thanks to the convex layer is obtained when manufacturing domed stickers in addition to aesthetics also it is an excellent way to secure printing from mechanical damage. Often we see in various places traditional flat stickers that are scratched and damaged, foil gets ripped and peeled off. Domed layer provides excellent barrier against scratches and minor mechanical damage.

3D domed stickers can be cut to any size or form for the simplest look and true 3D sticker.

Minimum sticker size 15 x 15 millimeter and maximum sticker size 400 x 400 millimeter.

Supplied on sheets truly custom with a contour cut shapes.

3D domed stickers are available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes and prove to be very price effective.

Great vibrant colours and crisp details with a high definition digital printing.

Low delivery charges, the same day printing once design approved for print. Free design preparation for print.

Manufacturing 3D domed stickers usually takes around 3 days before it gets dispatched due to the print needs 24 hours to out gas and when a layer of 3D domed resin is applied it needs another 24 to 48 hours to dry depending on the coverage.

With vibrant gloss finish print your stickers are going to be ideal for indoor or outside use because of the permanent adhesive which will hold sturdy to the surface. Custom cut shape stickers are nice for promotional or product labels.

All our signs are made by us here in Great Britain

We do not outsource any of the prints or signs, everything in our stock is made here in Great Britain by us. This makes us unique and any design can be customized to your needs. This also improves the speed in which we can deliver your sign as we dont have to rely on other businesses.