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Quality, waterproof custom wine labels! They look fantastic. We love the custom wine labels for our wedding! The color ink on the labels match perfect and the waterproof material makes for a quality product and professional look. The adhesive works great as well! Thank you

Our waterproof label stock is completely waterproof. Plus, waterproof labels and re-positionable (when used on glass, metal or plastic). Be sure to select premium vinyl labels as your label stock when you are placing your label order.

Waterproof, so they hold up great underwater, in refrigerators and in humid climates.

Printed in vivid, full color, and have a rich, smooth texture.

Can withstand immersion underwater for long periods of time.

Can be stored in a damp environment like a refrigerator or a humid climate and still look great.

Easy to apply they stretch a little so they will settle into slight surface changes.

Can be written on, erased, and re-written with Crayola washable dry-erase crayons.

Not guaranteed to withstand a trip through the dishwasher

Not recyclable, and take more of earths resources to produce than paper labels.

Not removable from paper, cardboard, wood, leather, anything with a porous surface.

With some effort, can be removed from glass, metal, and plastic surfaces. The longer they have been on, the more likely that adhesive residue will remain.

Will not withstand contact with citric acid, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, drinking alcohol, etc. The inks will soften and rub off.

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