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Domed decals and labels from Yeuell are a great medium for making your logos and trademarks really pop when affixed to your products. Ouris cast over and around your produced decal or label, covering it and encasing it in a clear, semi-flexible, thick plastic that features excellent clarity and gloss. The result awater-proof, chemical and weather-resistantdecal stands out 3-dimensionally with modern flair and can withstand the harshest environments. Domed decals and labels are attractive and give a high-end look to your branding and ID campaigns.

Cured polyurethane domed decals and Labels are tested for durability via:

Accelerated aging with ultraviolet light and water spray 500 hours of exposure, the equivalent of 3-5 years outdoors, showed no significant deterioration.

Outdoor weathering 5 years of exposure outdoors showed no appreciable deterioration or loss of gloss.

Oven aging No shrinkage or increase in hardness after 7 days in an air circulation oven at 170◦ F.

Humidity cabinet 7 days in a condensing atmosphere at 100◦ F with 100% humidity showed no color or gloss change.

Salt spray test no change or promotion of corrosion after 22 hours of salt spray exposure.

Abrasion testing impact & abrasion resistance down to -20◦ F; indentations recover completely due to resilient nature of polymer.

Chemical and solvent testing domed decals resist discoloration from unleaded gasoline, 5% KOH, 5% NaCl, 20% HCl and more.

Make your decals and labels stand-out with professional quality polyurethane domes that will stand the test of Time every time. Affordable and durable, domed decals and domed labels are hard to forget and look great.

Yeuell is waiting to hear from you to set-up your next custom ID project featuring domes decals a durable and modern way to broadcast your brand on your products.Request a quoteon our other custom ID products today.